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India’s vast railway network is not only a transport mode but a cultural experience as well. And food makes it a more special and integral part. From the delight of the most amazing chai to the tastiest snacks, the train food experience is full of joy. However, if you wish to make your food in train experience memorable, then these tips will help you enjoy the journey.

Here we go!

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Food Experience Memorable on Train

  1. Download food delivery apps:

The food delivery apps are turning train dining into a much wider culinary world at your fingertips now. From your phone, you can find nearby restaurants, and then choose what you need, and they will deliver it to you in the train compartment. This process is time-saving and indeed helps you choose your favorite food.

  1. Pack Wisely:

When traveling on a train, the must-haves are so essential to keep you on the go. Some of the essentials are packed napkins, disposable cutlery, and sanitizer. With these, your eating experience on the train will significantly improve and create a memorable journey.

  1. Opt for Local Delicacies:

Indian train journey offer a variety of dishes and that you can enjoy while traveling. The local tastes of the traditional foods and the seasonal specialties at the different stations are just spectacular. If you are traveling towards Maharashtra then try out Vada pav, when passing by South India then must have idli-sambhar, or Bihari litti chokha when crossing Bihar or UP.

  1. Explore the Pantry Car Menu:

Pantry car food has improved in the last couple of years and you can get freshly cooked foods. This will help you to enjoy delicious hot and tasty food. It is the best way to have pantry car food while traveling with your family on a train forever.

  1. Try the Railway Specialties:

Do you enjoy railway food? You then you may know that Railway has now introduced many varieties on its menu, but its all-time favorite cutlet, egg curry, and vegetable pulao are well-known dishes. In a lifetime we all have tried these dishes.

  1. Savor the Chai Moments:

Are you are chai lover? Then the best place to enjoy chai will always be a moving train. Isnt it? No train journey is complete without a cup of chain on the train. Having the morning chai or the evening chai on the train the overall experience is always very pleasant.

  1. Embrace the Street Food Culture:

Indian railway stations are bustling hubs of street food vendors offering an array of snacks and treats. From crispy pakoras to sweet jalebis, the options are endless. Embrace the street food culture but exercise caution and choose vendors with good hygiene practices to avoid any digestive issues.

  1. Create Your Culinary Memories:

Lastly, cherish the moments spent savoring delicious meals and snacks during your train journey. Capture the flavors, aromas, and memories through photographs or journal entries, preserving them as souvenirs of your culinary adventure across India.

  1. Plan for Dietary Restrictions:

If you have specific dietary requirements or restrictions, it’s advisable to plan and carry some snacks or meals that align with your preferences. While Indian trains offer a variety of options, catering to specific dietary needs can sometimes be challenging, especially on shorter routes.

Traveler Food – The most popular train food delivery app

Traveler Food is the most desired food in train delivery app in the market. Traveler Food is your go-to restaurant especially when you are seated on a train. Whether it is Indian, Spanish, or Lebanese cuisine, you will find a wide range of restaurants on our website that will deliver your food right to your seat. This app will continually assure you that you get delicious food and a wide range of meals at your seat and on time.

Here are the ways, to make your food experience on trains memorable with Traveler Food:

  1. Plan Ahead: Place orders in advance via Traveler Food to ensure that your meal is delivered on time so that you do not have to deal with the rush at the last moment.
  2. Try New Cuisines: Let loose the culinary shackles and try the new foods with just a push of a button. You may get to learn about something new every time you do it and you can also order Jain food in train of your choice.
  3. With Traveler Food, you don’t have to choose between missing your train and eating a delicious meal. The trains you ride become a journey where you’re treated to mouthwatering delights and exciting discoveries.


Whether you choose to download the apps for food delivery, such as Traveler Food, or simply look for local cuisines in the stations every bite becomes a part of your travel memoir. By embracing the delicacy of railway food, you make a routine train trip, a fascinating food adventure. However, if you need help with ordering food from us, then contact us at 7827998877 or you can WhatsApp at 7704841409 to enjoy your favorite delicious foods and make a memorable journey.

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