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Train travels are often exciting and enjoyable; we meet people, spend a few hours with them, and indulge in long conversations. When we travel by train, we look forward to seeing who will be sitting next to us, or we simply spend hours watching outside the change from plains to grassy to meandering mountains. Above all, food can make your train journey even more enjoyable, especially during long journeys. As you know, the Indian Railways is the world’s largest rail network, helping travelers reach their destination. It has been a highly-favorable mode for the last few years as it offers the most diverse cuisine options at your seat. Hence, it would be better to plan your meal accordingly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey. 

Passengers can choose from a wide range of breakfast, snacks, lunch, salads, appetizers, shakes, etc. However, everyone can acknowledge that the food available at stations or pantry cars is unpleasant and is not of good quality. Therefore, Indian Railways has started with an idea to order meals on the train without compromising health. Food delivery apps for trains, such as Traveler Food, offer fresh, high-quality, and delicious food at your seat. This guide will walk you through planning your meal on the longest train journey and how Traveler Food is helpful.

Plan Your Meal In Indian Railways Longest Train

Planning your meals while traveling on a train can be a pleasurable experience if you are well-prepared. If you are planning your next trip, this guide is for you. Here we will discuss the convenience of ordering food online and discovering station-based food options.

Pack Snacks

Long train travels can make you crave snacks in between meals. Make sure you have some of your favorite snacks, such as chips, almonds, or sandwiches, handy. They will be a great companion if you are hungry at odd hours. 

Pre-Order Meals 

Many train services have allowed passengers to pre-order their meals. This can be a helpful approach to ensuring that you receive the cuisine you choose at a specific station. The best eCatering Services, like Traveler Food, allow you to place your orders in advance and have them delivered to your seat. 

Explore Station Eateries 

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have seen several outlets on Indian railway stations with a wide variety of food options. Take the opportunity to taste these local delicacies along your trip. Whether biryani in Hyderabad or vada pav in Mumbai, all that matters is flavors. 

Ordering Meal For The Longest Train Journey

Below is the step-by-step guide that will help you plan your meal effectively. 

  • To start with, it is mandatory to note the duration of your journey. If your journey is 3-4 hours, you don’t need to pack anything extra. However if your journey is about 7-8 hours, it is better to pack some snacks. Also, determine your train route and halt stations so that you can order anything easily. 
  • Apart from packing snacks such as nuts, granola bars, fruits, crackers, or dry fruits, you can opt for freshly prepared meals. For that, you can download the Traveler Food app or visit our website. We deliver freshly prepared and healthy meals to your seat.
  • Now, confirm your train number and select the station where you want your food package to be delivered. Moving forward, browse the menu and select travel-friendly foods. Once you’ve added the items you want to order in your cart, proceed to checkout. Add your seat number and the station name where you want your food to be delivered, and any dietary preferences. 
  • Once you are done with the previous steps, pay for your order after double checking the details and order. 
  • Ensure to stay hydrated during your journey, especially during summer. Carry a water bottle with you and refill it at regular intervals. You can also pack juices, coconut water, or flavored water to stay refreshed.

Why Choose Traveler Food As Your eCatering Services Provider For Your Long Journey?

You must be aware of the complaints roaming around the table regarding the poor food quality offered on trains. This has ignited the concept of eCatering services on trains. IRCTC has approved many aggregators to deliver food to passengers traveling by train. These companies comply with the basic principles of FSSAI. This decision by Indian Railways has made the train journey more enjoyable and healthy for passengers as they don’t have to worry about the fresh and healthy food. Passengers can enjoy their favorite food including chicken biryani, pizza and many other local delights with just one application.

Say goodbye to last-minute meal worries as Traveler Food brings you the best and affordable food to your seat from over 2000+ FSSAI approved restaurants. Below are some of the reasons to choose us if you are planning your meal on a long train journey.

  1. Multiple Options: From international cuisine to local favorites, you can order anything from the Traveler Food eCatering food menu. Whether you want to satisfy your cravings with a bowl of real Italian pasta, a satisfying South Indian thali, a hot steaming cup of soup, a traditional Indian mithai, or a mouthwatering chocolate cake at any time during your train travel, Choose Traveler Food.
  2. Hygienic Meals: With our train meals service, we assure you that you will get high-quality meals to your seat. The restaurants we are partnered with follow the FSSAI requirements, ensuring everything is clean, including the contents and packaging. 
  3. Easy to Order: Train passengers can easily place their orders using one of three options: Traveler Food eCatering’s official website,, the ‘Traveler Food’ app, or a phone call to +917835992200 or +917827998877. 
  4. Convenient Payments: Traveler Food is an IRCTC-approved eCatering service that offers travelers several payment choices, both offline and online. You can pay online using a credit card/debit card, net banking, UPI, and other methods, or use the ‘cash on delivery-COD’ option. 
  5. On-time Delivery: Traveler Food eCatering is committed to delivering high-quality food packages on time to all passengers. To ensure you get your food as and when you need it, it is better to place orders at least 30 minutes in advance. 
  6. Simple Refunds: You can easily cancel any order. However, you must strictly adhere to the refund and cancellation policy. In general, the reimbursement will be reused within the next three (three) working days. 

With technological advancements, the Indian Railways has changed their catering system, keeping convenience in mind. Passengers can now order food on train from IRCTC-approved services Traveler Food. The best part is customers can customize the order based on their dietary preferences and can enjoy their favorite food from favorite restaurants to their seats.

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FAQs related to Plan Your Meal in Indian Railways Longest Train

How does Traveler Food work?

Traveler Food is an eCatering service enabling passengers to order food online from various restaurants and vendors along their train routes. Passengers can browse the menu, select their desired items, place their order, and specify the delivery time and train details.

What types of food can I order through Traveler Food?

Traveler Food offers a diverse menu featuring a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, and more. Passengers can choose from a wide range of options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks, beverages, and desserts.

Can I order special dietary meals through Traveler Food?

Traveler Food caters to particular dietary preferences and restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Jain meals. Passengers can specify their dietary requirements while placing orders to ensure they receive suitable options.

Is there a minimum order requirement for using Traveler Food?

Traveler Food does not have a minimum order requirement. Depending on your appetite and preferences, passengers can order as little or as much food as they prefer.

Is Traveler Food available on all trains and routes?

Traveler Food operates on various trains and routes across India. However, availability may vary depending on the train’s schedule and the stations covered along the route. Passengers can check the availability of eCatering services for their specific train journey on the Traveler Food website or app.

What are the benefits of using Traveler Food for meal planning during train journeys?

Using Traveler Food offers several benefits, including access to a wide variety of food options, the convenience of online ordering, flexibility in dietary preferences, timely delivery to your train seat, and the assurance of quality meals from reputed restaurants and vendors.

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