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As a traveler what is the first thing that comes to your mind apart from packing clothes, essentials, etc.? Yes, it is the FOOD. What to carry, how to carry food, ho much in quantity to carry if it’s a long journey by train is all we start pondering on. Digital technology has made the life of people easier and better. You can order food in train at your fingertips. With various online food suppliers enjoying, relishing delicious and food of your choice is a magnificent experience today. 


Traveler food is a platform that provides value on all the touchpoints for food in train ordering cycle. Our chain of food suppliers will effortlessly take care of all your food requirements. We tie up with a few of the best food suppliers, restaurants and food outlets to offer any kind of food be it Mughalai, Chinese, Beverages, Continental, Italian, name it and we are at your service. Travel from North to South, East to West, across India, we are at your service. Be it vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian food in train, Jain food in train, chaats, Italian, shakes we are to serve our customers.

Our services are not restricted to only food in train, but also when you are travelling in bus and crave to eat the best food then simply think of us and enjoy food of your choice.

You are travelling either with your family or friends in a group, it’s understandable that you are busy in talking and enjoying, but it is necessary to satiate your hunger pangs and just plan your food requirements by ordering your dishes with us prior to your journey.

A speciality service with Traveler Food is that you want your dining arrangements to be done exclusively maybe as a get together or during travel, we can do it for you. Just get in touch with us for your requirements and we can do dine in arrangements at restaurants.

If you’re a foodie and can savour any kind of food than travelling is fun, but at certain times or many a times getting pure veg food delivery at railway station is cumbersome. Now, we can solve this problem by serving you authentic and superlicious veg food in train. Be it age old people. People who follow rituals or who need jain food in train, we can help with pure veg food delivery at railway station.


Are you a staunch vegetarian and traveling in train, and want to order Jain food in train?

Jain food is a spiritually motivated diet with few of the underground vegetables excluded like onion, garlic potatoes, etc. Traveler Food has made procuring Jain food in train a seamless experience. We are connected with a few of the best restaurants and food outlets pan India that is prepared hygienically, healthy, and sumptuous Jain food which can be ordered in prior.

To add on to your lingering thoughts as to how the Jain food for train is prepared, fret not! We have an exclusive kitchen to prepare and serve jain food in train for our esteemed customers. It’s prepared with the best chefs and not compromising on the quality and hygiene.

How can you order Jain food in train

·         Visit our app or website

·         Enter train details

·         Choose jain food option

·         And there you go!! ORDER NOW!!


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 Our Mission

·         Provide up to date information to travelers on travel

·         Deliver authentic and delicious food quickly and easily

·         Extend our food in train delivery at railway station services to all the stations across India

·         Simplify train travels.

Our Vision

·         Simplify travel journey across all platforms be it train, air, road

·         Extend our services nationally as well as internationally

·         Provide services round the clock anywhere and anytime

·         Our aim is to be the best and fastest mobile friendly travel site for all your travel and food related queries.


·         Provide services for a group in bus stands, local offices, and airport

·         We serve customers in 500+ locations

·         Cater to a special category of Jain food in train

·         Serve food of customer choice

·         On time delivery and best quality of food in train

·         Get complete updates on Indian Railways, Train status and more

An add on benefit to our services is we do catering for small parties as well as functions with the food of your choice.

Follow easy steps to book your food in train

·         Visit Traveler food website or download TravelerFood App

·         Search for a restaurant and food of your choice

·         Enter train and station details

·         Easily pay online

·         Your yummy food is ready to enjoy

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Make your journey more exciting, interesting, comfortable and relaxing. We are at your service to satiate your taste buds!!