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Traveler Food is passionate about food and bringing train travelers evermore choices. There are amazing restaurants everywhere in India that we believe every traveler should have access to. Our mission is not only to make sure that the restaurants in your location are available to you when and where you want them, but we want to go further and bring new restaurants at your preferred location so that you have even more choice of amazing food on your train journey. All this is what lies behind Traveler Food’s mission to bring train travelers in India a whole world of restaurant-high quality food. Every traveler’s version of amazing food is different and our job is to ensure that they enjoy what they want, when they want it and where they want it.

Traveler Food offers on-demand delivery of high-quality food from railway restaurants as well as well as does IRCTC food delivery in trains to your seats from your favorite restaurants in more than 500 locations across India. With your favorite restaurants at your fingertips, Traveler Food satisfies your cravings and connects you with possibilities of more time and energy for yourself and those you travel with. Be it any place across the country you are travelling, North or South, East or West we serve food of the highest quality for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. We have tied up with most of the railway restaurants to serve you authentic and healthy food.

We have partnered with the best local and railway restaurants that strictly adhere to the FSSAI norms and guidelines and hand-picked our customer support squad to get fresh food from the restaurant straight to your train seats quickly and hassle free. We also facilitate IRCTC food delivery in trains as per the IRCTC guidelines. To put an end to travelers struggling to get high-quality and hygienic food in trains, Traveler Food emerged in an era of convenience, online ordering systems, self-service kiosks and mobile platforms and started our services in 2013 to give travelers what they crave the most, faster, personalised and convenient food experience through our online delivery of highest quality food in train.

Traveler Food has emerged in online train food delivery at Railway Station in India and acted as a reform of food system in Indian Railways. Never did travelers expect to get their choice of favorite food delivered from an outside supplier in trains and we have made it happen by creating our online platform to deliver food orders in trains as per the journey schedule of passengers. Travelers can now get their delicious Chole Bhature or Dosa or Burgers from prominent local restaurants or food joints at any of our locations delivered straight to their train seats where the train halts.

Every station in our location gives brief details of the Railway Station, Culture, Food, Restaurants, Tourist spots of that particular city or town. With more than 1,00,000 fleet members, 1500 restaurant partners and serving travelers in more than 500 stations across India, our mission is to enable anyone to have high quality, hygienic, healthy and the best food on trains delivered on demand as fast as possible. We have always kept the quality of services and on time deliveries as our supreme motto and aim to get delicious food for train travelers even at remote locations with a vision of making train journeys special and pleasant to travelers.

Many restaurants and food outlets serve the local cuisine of the location and have their own list of menu which may change on a daily basis and some of the daily food options available are:

Travellers can order food from their train seats through our Traveler Food app or website just by entering their train name or number or the 10-digit PNR number to begin the process of ordering. To order food from the railway restaurants or want IRCTC food delivery in trains, then you need to specify which location you want the food to be delivered. Select your food from our wide range menu from your preferred restaurants of the location and confirm the order. All we request you is to place your orders one hour before you reach your station and our trained professionals will deliver the ordered food straight at your seats bang on time. This apart, travelers can also check PNR status, Train Schedules and Train Running Status.

Our unique features like High quality food, Systematised booking, Easy cancellation, Reasonable cost and Amazing deals & Discounts have made travelers come back more to Traveler Food for their food requirements on train. Our food portal has been treating the taste buds of train passengers with choicest food since November 2007 and our online tool lists various restaurants falling in the vicinity of railway stations and allows passengers to choose the food provider from them.

So now Traveler Food gives you a wide variety of option for railway station food delivery in train which includes, from top restaurants of that location, local restaurants, railway restaurants, authentic food of that particular location from the listed restaurants, exclusive Jain food in train, IRCTC food delivery in trains and more. We cater to the demands and requirements of passengers for food delivery in train currently in the following locations listed here.

Group Food Delivery at Railway Station

Group food delivery at railway stations or on the train comes in handy. Group food ordering is an excellent way for travellers to order food together and make the train journey more enjoyable. Instead of ordering individually, travellers can pool their orders and get a larger quantity of food, which can be shared among the group, making the experience more social and enjoyable.

For large groups, railway station food delivery is becoming common and one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get food. Ordering in bulk can save money, as vendors offer discounts on larger orders. It also saves time, as ordering in bulk takes less time than ordering individual meals.

Moreover, group food orders allow travellers to choose from a variety of food options; in a pantry car, the options may be limited. But with group ordering, travellers can choose from a variety of restaurants, ensuring that everyone's preferences are taken care of.

We at Traveler Food offer group food orders at all railway stations in India. We serve all metro areas, two-tier cities, and three-tier cities as well. You just name the area, and we will be ready to serve you. This makes the journey more enjoyable, as everyone gets to eat what they like.

Group food delivery at railway stations is an excellent way for travellers to make the most of their train journey by enjoying good food with friends and family. Book your preference for which railway station food delivery you need for your group, and Traveler Food will be ready to serve you.

With cost-saving benefits, a wider range of food options, and a more social experience, group food orders are an increasingly popular choice for train travel and a great way to improve the overall travel experience.