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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at GAYA JN Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in GAYA JN.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in GAYA JN railway station will be delivered at your seat.


Get the best Veg and Non – Veg food at Railway Station of Gaya Junction

Traveler Food now delivers a wide range of quality, healthy, hygienic and delicious food in train at Gaya junction railway station from popular restaurants and food outlets of Gaya at the best prices at Gaya Junction Railway Station. All you have to do is to place your order with us for food of your choice one hour before you reach the station and we will deliver the same at your seats.

Where is Gaya Junction Railway Station located?

Gaya Junction Railway Station is located at Gol Bagicha of Gaya in Bihar state of India.

Indian Railway line at Gaya Junction Railway Station

The Gaya Junction Railway Station with 5 platforms serving the city of Gaya is in Mugalsarai Rail Division on the Eastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. The Grand Chord line that connects Howrah and New Delhi and trains to many major cities of India pass through this station.   

Important Places to visit/things to do near Gaya Junction Railway Station

Gaya is a holy city beside the Falgu River in the northeast Indian state of Bihar and is sanctified in the Jain, Hindu and Buddhist religions. It is famous for the 18th century Vishnupad Mandir, a riverside temple which has footprints of Lord Vishnu. Close by, Mangala Gauri Temple is set on a hilltop and to the north, Hindu devotees’ bath in Brahma Kund pond before honoring their deceased ancestors atop Prethshila Hill. To the South is the Hindu pilgrimage center Bodh Gaya and Mahabodhi Temple here is a World Heritage site where Gautama Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under Bodhi Tree. This place is mentioned in the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Top places to visit here are:

·         Vishnupad Temple

·         Tibetan Monastery

·         Bodhi Tree

·         Ratnaghara

·         Gaya Ghats

·         Dungeshwari Cave Temple

Restaurants near Gaya Junction Railway Station

Hotels near Gaya Junction have a variety of traditional dishes from Indian cuisines and also other international cuisines including health food. Some of the famous Restaurants here are:

·         Food Plaza

·         Haldiram Prabhuji

·         Foodani

·         The Biryani House

·         The Friendly Kitchen

·         Vandana Sweets

Food in Gaya

Gaya being a religious centre does not offer a lot of options when it comes to Non-Vegetarian food. However this place sustains quite a variety from traditional Bihari cuisine to Thai, Tibetan, Italian, Korean dishes. Few popular dishes here include Litti Chokka, Pua, Channa Bhuja, Aloo Kachalu, Sattu ka Roti. This place is famous and originations of sweets like Enursa, Tikut, Khaja, Lai and Kesariya Peda. A variety of Jain, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food options available at Gaya Junction Railway Station are tasty and hygienic.

Order food for train at Gaya Junction Railway Station

Traveler Food is here to serve you for all your needs of food on Train at Gaya Junction Railway Station. From Breakfast to Dinner, Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian, for a single person or a group, enjoy delicious fresh food from top restaurants near Gaya Junction while travelling by train. Now it is very easy and convenient for you to order food on Train. Just visit our website Traveler Food or give us a call to place your orders with our easy payment options and experience our fastest train food delivery. Ensure that you place the order one hour before reaching Gaya Junction Railway Station for us to deliver the food on time right at your seat.

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