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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at BHILAI POWER HOUSE Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in BHILAI POWER HOUSE.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in BHILAI POWER HOUSE railway station will be delivered at your seat.


Get the best Veg and Non – Veg food at Railway Station of Bhilai Power House

Traveler Food delivers quality and delicious food prepared under most hygienic conditions from popular restaurants and food outlets in Bhilai is now made very easy at Bhilai Power House Railway Station. While Vegetarian food is largely available, we can also help people with Non Vegetarian food.

Where is Bhilai Power House Railway Station located?

Bhilai Power House Railway Station under Raipur railway division of with 3 platforms is located in NH-53,Sector-1,Bhilai, in Durg District, Chattisgarh state of India.

Indian Railway line at Bhilai Power House

The Bhilai Power House Railway Station is ‘A’ grade railway station serving the Bhilai Urban Areas with Bilaspur-Raipur-Nagpur section of Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai as its main line. Some of the major trains here are Shalimar-Mumbai LTT Express, Saranath Express, Raipur-Dilli Rajhara Express, Bilaspur-Bikaner Express and many more.

Important Places to visit/things to do near Bhilai Power House Railway Station

Bhilai is an important city in the state of Chattisgarh of Central India and is famously known as Steel City of Central India as it is the home for Bhilai Steel Plant and is at a distance of 22 kilometers from Raipur which is the Capital of Chattisgarh. This city symbolizes the rich and varied culture of India. The culture here is captivating and fascinating with its popular festival as Hareli which is a colorful event celebrated during the monsoon. Through this festival, people here pray for bountiful crops and blessings of the Gods. The local language here is Chattisgarhi. The top attractions to visit near Bhilai Power House Station are:

·         Nehru Art Gallery

·         Bhilai Steel Plant

·         Ganga Maiyya Temple

·         Kali Bari

·         Tandula Dam

·         Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth


Restaurant near Bhilai Power House Railway Station

Bhilai has almost all the international cuisine restaurants including Multicuisine, Thai, and Chinese restaurants. Some of the famous Restaurants of Bhilai are:

·         Marwadi Vaishnav Bhojanalaya

·         Arjun Ka Dhaba

·         Nukkad Teafe

·         Utkal Misthan Bhandar

·         Minar Restaurant

·         Tripti Restaurant     

Food in Bhilai Power House

Bhilai is famous for its traditional foods which are made of rice and rice flour, curd, and a variety of green leafy vegetables like Cabbage, Ladyfinger, Pumpkin, etc. Fara/Muthiya (Rice Rolls in white sauce), Chousera Roti (Rice Pooris), Angakar Roti etc., are some of the famous breakfast dishes here hence is also popularly known as ‘The Rice Bowl of India’. Tikhur Barfi and Bafauri, Kusli, Moong Dal Ka Halwa to name a few apart from many other famous sweets from here. Mahuwa is a brew made of small, creamy white fruit of a local tree that is very much popular among the people here. The Bhilai Cuisine has many health benefits as many other local dishes are prepared using Maize and Jowar which are rich in proteins.

Jain, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food is available in top hotels/restaurants close to Bhilai Power House Railway Station.

Order food in train at Bhilai Power House Railway Station

Now it is easy and convenient to order food for train at Bhilai Power House Railway Station. Pack your bags and leave the hassles of carrying food with you. Traveler Food is at your service delivering authentic and tasty food of your choice. All you have to do is place your order one hour before you are about to reach the station and your ordered food from a restaurant near Bhilai Power House Railway Station will be delivered at your seats.

Have a gala journey and enjoy the beauty of nature. Order your food in train with us right now!!