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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at BALASORE Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in BALASORE.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in BALASORE railway station will be delivered at your seat.


India and travel are two words that go hand in hand when you are looking to spend a quality time with your friends and family, away from the monotonous routine of the city and the constant noise surrounding you. Every one of us deserves a break, and that’s when vacations come to consideration.

The country is full of places and spots yet to be discovered. States like West Bengal, Odisha, Vishakhapatnam and Jharkhand comprise of the South-east part of India with a belt of the Bay of Bengal covering the coastline.

The best thing about visiting the South-east is that you don’t have to wait for the right season for the weather to be favourable since the atmosphere in these places is so mild and cool, you would want to leave everything and just settle there in peace.

One of the most attractive tourist places is Balasore. Balasoreis located in the coastal districts of the state of Odisha. It is situated on the corner-most north end of the state. Balasore was earlier a major part of Kalinga. But after the death of an ancient king Mukunda Dev, Balasore turned to be a territory of Toshal. In October 1828, Balasore was established to be as an individual district whule it initially it fell in the presidency of West Bengal.

Balasore is well known for its architecture and cultural heritage. The main destinations here are Emmami Jagannath Temple, Panchulingeswar Temple, and Khirachora Gopinath Temple. There is the Talasari Sea Beach where you will get to see a swarm of pink flamingos. Also, it is famous for the ChandaneswarChadak Yatra. When you are in Balasore you must also notice the Balasore Railway Station which stands out with its computerized reservation office, cloak room, waiting/retiring room and its very own refreshment room. The station also has free WIFI provided by Google, which works at a decent speed for the first 30 minutes and then slows down eventually. If that is not all that you need at a railway station then let us tell you more.

Travel is not just about the places you see or the people you meet. A main part of travel is the journey, and food plays a key role in making every journey memorable and extraordinary. With the advancement in technology, getting food delivered to you in the train is now just a matter of a few clicks.

Travelerfood, a food delivery app, provides food delivery at Balasore Railway Station. Balasore railway station is a wide spread, opened in 1896, connecting Howrah-Chennai main line. The restaurant near by Balasore railway station are Jalpaan, Panda Biryani House, Hotel Zaika, Laziz Pizza and AFC. Travelerfood provides both Veg & Non Veg Food at Railway Station of Balasore according to your preferences.

You can order food in train at Balasore railway station by placing your order one hour prior to your train approaching the station and get food in train, delivered on your seat with Travelerfood.

We take care of proper packaging and fine hygiene to provide you food made with utmost devotion. Whether you are journeying alone or with your family, whether you prefer food for one or ten, we have Jain, Veg, Non-veg food options available at Balasore Railway Station from all the nearby restaurants being delivered all over the Indian Railways.

You can now order delicious food for train at Balasore Railway Station online with TravelerFood and have steaming hot, delicious meal directly at your seats. The only way we wish to make you happy is by presenting you with your favourite cuisine. To make your journey more amazing we have listed almost every restaurant near by Balasore Railway Station in our menu.

Choose from a huge range of options and help us make your trip more memorable and fun. Travelerfood ensures your happiness, because a person’s happiness is directly linked to the flavoursome fragrance of your favourite dishes. And once offered to you in your hands, there is no greater joy in the world. So,what are you waiting for? Give us a chance to serve you by making food delivery at Balasore Railway Station possible.

So, book food on train now!