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Are you planning your train travel in 2021? If you are a travel bird and thinking to explore the beautiful valleys and mountains of India, then you are on the correct page. Welcome to our page, and travel with us to beautiful places of India by train. We will take you to unique, picturesque destinations and describe every place with minute detail. Today we will take you on Jammu and Kashmir valley and enjoy the apple orchids, saffron fields, glittering lakes, and breath-taking views. It is the ultimate destination that one should visit in a lifetime. It has pristine nature and magnificent views that are so delicate to our eyes. So if you are planning to take a trip to Kashmir, then you might have heard about Chenab Bridge. It is the highest railway bridge in the world and also taller than the Eiffel tower. So are you excited to travel on the highest railway bridge in the world? Traveling is just like therapy to most of us, but when it comes to travel, I prefer the train journey as it the relaxing as it is easy to communicate.


Know about Chenab Bridge:

Who can deliver food on train? Is it possible at the highest peak of the mountains and valleys? Yes, enter your PNR notrain no, and railway station and you get hot food at your seat. Indian railways have created many milestones that we have already seen, so get ready to experience another engineering milestone that is yet to come. Before talking about this gigantic bridge, you need to know that this bridge is under construction, which will be completed by mid of 2021. This bridge will make the connection between the two places, Bakkal and Kauri, at Jammu and Kashmir. This bridge is 1,315 meters long and 359 meters high. It has a life span of 120 years. This bridge will be a great help for the locals for transportation from one place to another. The biggest challenges while planning was its construction were not to disturb the flow of the beautiful river. When the bridge is ready, travelers from various parts of the world will visit. You can experience the natural beauty of Kashmir and feel the white snows all around you. Enjoy the view with Kashmiri pulav and mutton Rogan josh, order food on train with the food delivery services.


How to reach Chenab Bridge: 

Do you know, the Chenab Bridge, located between the Reasi and Katra roads of Jammu and Kashmir? At Katra, you get the main bus stop that connects to various other places. Around 50 km from Chenab Bridge, you get many resorts and hotels for accommodations. Most tourists prefer to stay in those areas. Even you can use online food delivery to get your favorite food at your destination. Hence, traveling does not forget to enjoy this mesmerizing weather of Kashmir.

Nearest railway station to Chenab bridge:

Katra: As this bridge is under construction, so Katra is 65 km away and is only the nearest railway station. This spot is a popular stop for most of the tourist as it is very close to Vaishnav Devi railway station. This railway station is connected with all metropolitan cities, like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and so all major express trains halt at this station. The ground floor of this railway station has escalators, lifts, booking counters, and a well-organized railway station with all facilities. Also, it has a VIP lounge area with parking and shopping complex. Katra is currently the northern terminus of the southern section of the Jammu-Baramulla line of Indian railways. At this station, you get food options starting from veg food, Jain food, South Indian, etc. at the railway station. Also, all the express trains have a well-equipped pantry caronline payment facilities for the tourists.

katra station

Reasi: This place is situated in the middle of the Trikuta mountain range and on the south of Pir Pangal. This place has many tourist places to visit and also has one of the historic forts to visit. This place is connected, Jammu and other parts of the state. The time taken to reach Jammu by road is approximately 2 hours. The nearest airport is Jammu Satwari, which is 80 km from Reasi. You can also order food at bus stations or airports, the same as we deliver food on train India. Nowadays, you can order food from a running bus or train, still, we will delivery your food on time.

Best time to visit the place:

As Chenab Bridge will be ready by 2021, so you can start preparing for your trip and enjoy the nearby places of Jammu and Kashmir. The best time to visit is from October to April, as the weather is chill, lovely snow all around enhances the natural beauty of this place. There are so many temples which you can visit. Jammu is known as the winter capital of the state, every year one crore pilgrimage visit these place. Make your one time travel the most memorable and popular one so that you cherish your whole life. Travel by train, order food on train, and enjoy the famous Kashmiri Dum aalu, Kalandi kulcha, Raajma chawal, khatta meat just at your seat. You can order using food on train delivery at any time of your train journeyFood on train online has drastically increased all over our country and is successfully improved the quality of train food. Thus, delivery in train is one of the running businesses in the food industry.

best time this place

It is one of our dream projects for not only Indian Railways but also for our country. So if you are planning to visit Jammu and Kashmir coming year, then you must include Chenab Bridge in your bucket list. Plan your trip with the family; don’t forget to enjoy the street food of this place as it is very affordable and tasty too. Also, you can order online food; and use Traveler Food delivery app will serve you fresh and hygienic food at your place. Do call us on 07827998877 we will be happy to help you.

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