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We are proud to be Indian as Indian Railways is showing magic and innovation every year. Today we will be talking about Indian Railways one of the most prominent works that are allowing women to manage the entire railway station. Yes, you have heard it right. Our Indian railways are enduring their social responsibilities towards women personnel a lot.  Women employees in Indian Railways have shown tremendous improvement. Along with women empowerment, Indian Railways has also focus on meals on train and online food order in train and which is growing.

In this blog today we will talk about how the most unreal but most innovative thing that Indian women is completely managing an entire railways station.

Let’s get started.


Indian first Railway station managed by Women: Railways and women empowerment

Today, the women employees have reported their presence whether it is the loco pilot or guard or the obligation of any high office. There is more than 13 lakhs railway workers employed in Indian Railways.  And every year it continuously increases.

We must say that Indian Railways has taken creative efforts in its dedication to women’s empowerment. The organization, which is deemed one of the largest employers in the world, has over one lakh female staff and is constantly increasing the hiring of female employees. The Indian Railways, in a special measure, has started deploying all-women staff at some railway stations.

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Matunga in Mumbai became the first such station and Gandhi Nagar railway station in Jaipur is the country’s first central railway station to be fully managed by women. Gandhi Nagar is an essential railway station in Jaipur situated on the Jaipur-Delhi rail route with more than 50 trains passing through the station. There are 40 women staff at the station besides women personnel of the railway security forces have been deployed at the station. A step toward empowering women- the all-woman-managed railway station, will surely set an example for women across the country that they can unaidedly handle a major railway station.

How Indian Railways has entrusting its female staff & passengers

  • All-woman team: An all-woman team will handle the Deccan Queen Express, while an all-woman team will man the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi.
  • Women railway workers growing: There are more than 13 lakh railway workers employed in the Indian Railways, out of which there are more than one lakh women, which is constantly growing.
  • Women Empowerment theme: Matunga Road Railway Station of the Western Railway is creating its position in the list of railway stations operated by women personnel.
  • Surekha Yadav: First woman loco driver. The railway also praised the assistance of its first woman loco driver, Surekha Yadav.
  • Ajni railway station, Nagpur: Women’s track maintainer operating on a railway track at Ajni railway station in Nagpur.
  • Maninagar Station in Gujarat: Maninagar Station is run by an all-women staff.
  • All-women run railway stations: All-women run railway stations are located in Matunga in Mumbai, Gandhinagar in Jaipur, Chandragiri in Andhra Pradesh, and Ajni in Nagpur, Maharashtra.
  • Women-operated stations: The Matunga Station of Central Railway evolves the railway station operated by the entire women staff registered in the Limca Book of Records.
  • The non-suburban Gandhinagar-Jaipur railway station also recently joined the list of women-operated stations.

We as citizens of India our country feel extremely proud to see our country growing.

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Happy to be an Indian and glad to see how our country’s railway is helping our country to grow.

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