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Panipat has been the most historically active city now revolutionized industrially. Being one of the five cities founded by Pandavas and giving kings like Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, it has seen three major battles fought in 1526, 1556 and 1761 which were all turning points in Indian history. The city is famous for being the global centre of recycling textiles and also known as “city of weavers”, “textile city” and “cast-off capital”. It is one of the major cities through which the “Grand Trunk Road” passes.

Panipat Junction – a brief

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Delhi-NCR consists of many major trains stops out of which Panipat junction Railway Station is a major one. It has 5 Platforms, 118 train stoppages and around forty thousand passengers travelling daily. Panipat Junction is selected for upgrading under the “400 stations” development project. Though it already has many modern functioning facilities like automatic ticket machine, fully computerized ticket reservation, automatic water machine, etc. It also has an AC waiting hall, well shed sheltered, clean washrooms, concrete foot over bridge, water facility, bookstall, lift, wi-fi connectivity, food stalls, bicycle stand, auto stand, car stand, CCTV camera, mall yard, washing line and other facilities.

Major trains that stop here daily include Grib Rath, AC Express, Superfast, Mail-Express, Intercity, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Ladies Special EMU.

Famous Restaurants in Panipat

Panipat Railway Station is well connected and settled in centre of the city which makes it feasible for passengers to order and get the food delivered online. Some of the famous restaurants, cafes & dhabas include Food Garage, Mannat Dhaba, Ahuja Sweets, Ahuja Bakers, Mezbaan, Shubham Restaurant, Karan Dhaba & Restaurant, Gold Plate Restaurant, Eat Street for street/fast food, Thali for fixed menu dinner, Buddies Cafe, Hemant Yar da Dhaba, New Shiva, Manchanda Dhaba, Dharam Dhaba.

Food Delivery at Panipat Junction

Along with Shatabdis many passenger trains also cross Panipat Junction and food on those trains is a big no-no by passengers because of the same old menu and constant taste usually rejected by taste buds. Hence to deliver food in train at Panipat railway station many online platforms have taken charge. They are now doing really good at providing food delivery services to people who crave for food in train. So, if you’re one of those people travelling away from your home and can’t find well-packed food to carry, don’t worry. You can simply order an hour before you reach Panipat and get it delivered to your coach just in time. All you need to do is visit our website at decide what you want to eat and place an order with us. You can also place an order by downloading our app from the app store. We have made the ordering process hassle-free for all our customers because all they need to do now is add their PNR number and the date/time of their date train, and it is done. You can either choose to pay online or pay cash on delivery to the delivery boy, and that is not all, you can also choose to place an order from all the restaurant nearby Panipat Junction and many more. When ordering with your happiness will be our main aim, because we are happy only when you are happy.

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