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How Can You Enjoy Tasty and Hygienic Jain Food on Train?

Do you think train food stinks? Do you feel insecure when it comes to Jain food in train? Stop worrying! We will tell you the secret of how you can enjoy good and hygienic Jain food.

We understand that food preferences are one of the rights of every individual when you are traveling. India is a diverse country and train travel is the most economical and convenient way. You will get various types of food on the train, but getting sattvic or Jain foods without onion and garlic looks like a daunting task. While traveling you get to enjoy the type of food that completes the journey, isn’t it? So, we are here to solve this problem. So, in this blog, we will tell you how you can enjoy good Jain food by ordering from food delivery apps. No, don’t get shocked, yes Traveler Food provides hygienic and good Jain food in train. Keep reading the blog to know more in detail.

Why select Traveler Food for ordering Jain food in train?

Traveler Food is a food delivery app, similar to Swiggy food delivery in train. Like Swiggy, Traveler Food also delivers food to various parts of India. But the major difference is Traveler Food especially delivers food in the trains all across India. They deliver food to all railway stations and trains. They provide a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that are cooked without the use of onions or garlic, specially made for only Jain people, requirements can enjoy a good and satisfying meal while traveling.

In India, there are no other apps that can provide good Jain food. Swiggy food delivery in train made passengers disappointed as they didn’t deliver food inside the train. They will only deliver food at the railway station. Therefore, this is one of the main drawbacks. But whereas, Traveler Food is known to provide delivery inside the train at the passenger’s berth. This makes Traveler Food a unique food delivery app than others.

Now that you understand that you can order good Jain food from Traveler Food let us understand how you can enjoy tasty and hygienic Jain food on a train.

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How to enjoy tasty and hygienic Jain Food on a train Journey?

1) 100% guaranteed hygienic meals

Traveler Food has partnered with reputed local restaurants and food chains across India, allowing you to order food from verified sources along your train route. All restaurants on the Traveler Food platform are FSSAI-approved, meaning your food will arrive from kitchens sticking to strict hygiene protocols. For particularly Jain food delivery it is done only from authentic restaurants. That you can choose. So, now you can easily skip over suspicious platform food and enjoy clean and reliable meals from Traveler Food.

2) On-time delivery

When it comes to on-time delivery by train, no one can beat Traveler Food. Yes, Traveler Food is indeed punctual and delivers your food not at the railway platform, but at your berth. Just you need to enter your seat no and Vola, and you will receive your food on time. Having Jain food served hot and time gives the next level kick in the train.

3) Good packaging

Their packaging is leakproof and they provide a better packaging method that keeps the food hot and safe. They follow the FSSAI method so the passenger gets to enjoy good food. Good packaging means your food was in good hands. Traveler food is always no 1 in this. Try it once to experience it. For Jain food the gravy part if it leaks then it can be difficult to eat, as Jains are particular about their foods.

4) Delivery inside the train

This is one of the unique ways of delivering food on time. In today’s time, many food delivery apps don’t deliver food inside the train, But Traveler Food does deliver good authentic Jain food inside the train.

These are the 4 reasons how you can enjoy tasty and hygienic Jain food on the train. Do give it a try once.


We all need to agree on this Jain followers face a lot of hurdles to find the best food on the train. Jain food is a little different and they don’t eat particular vegetables, onions, garlic, and many more. So, Traveler Food has discovered this loophole and helping Jain followers to safely enjoy a good meal inside the train.

If you are specifically looking for Jain food on the train journey, Traveler Food is the safest option. Do call them at 7827998877 and they will help you with your order.

Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has a keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places and trying out different cuisines. Also a big-time foodie.

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