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Are you a Jain follower or a believer of Jainism? You follow proper food regime. Then you are absolutely on the correct page, your worry to order your favorite Jain food in train, ends here. You are just a click away from ordering a mouth-watering meal on the train. Yes, you heard correct, nowadays Jain food service in train are selling like hotcakes. E catering on train has drastically improved in the last few years, and now they have all facilities for passengers to order cuisines of their choice. As Railway catering had promised, now their service is much better than earlier. Service quality has improved, the same time delivering hot food to passengers is the high priority, keeping in mind the benchmark of railways.


Do you know the four beliefs of Jainism? It is non-attachment, non-violence, self-discipline, and truth. They believe in self-help. Nataputta Mahavir is the founder of Jainism and called Jina. Just for your knowledge, Jains are of two types:

  • Digambara (sky-clad): They eat only once a day. They use their hand only to collect their food.

  • Svetambara (white-clad): They eat more than once a day, but in a bowl.

Now, keeping in mind their food habits and their culture food delivery app by name Traveler Food has tied up with 200+ restaurants that provide pure Jain food in train across the country. Indian railway has drastically improved its e catering service and has got it to the next level. They have developed superb customer-centric food delivery services to provide their customers with a comfortable journey. Now food is not at all a concern while you are alone or with your family on a train journey. Download the Traveler food app from the play store or apple store and enter a ten-digit PNR number to order a tasty meal with us.

Jain followers food habits: Likes and dislikes 

You must be aware that Jains are the 6th largest religion of the country. They are very strict about the food they consume. They are pure vegetarian and much disciplined about their food habits. Jains eat green leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits, lentils, fresh bread, above the soil vegetables, etc. They eat the fruit which falls from the tree without causing any harm to the tree. They avoid harming any organism or plant. They believe in non-violence and no for animal flesh and also animal-based products. Therefore it is the reason they avoid consuming any dairy products too. Below mentioned is a list of few Jain foods for train travel, you can consider.

Top 10 Jain foods you can order while traveling in train:

1. Jain thali:  It is true, people think that Jain thali is very tasteless and bland, but which is incorrect. Their thali is a complete balanced meal, consists of rice, flatbread or roti, two types of sabzi, dal (pulses), and pickle and a sweet. Such amazing and tasty spread without onions, garlic, ginger, and other root vegetables. Keeping in mind the Jain food culture every day different vegetables are used. This meal is stomach feeling and keeps you fuller for a long time. The cost of this meal is appx 80 rs to 120 rs. Nowadays Jain food delivery in train is very popular these days.

           jain thali

 2. Briyani: Can I relish on a big fat box of biryani while traveling? Yes, it is possible if you choose to order Jain biryani inside the train with Traveler Food. This biryani is specially crafted for Jains followers. The vegetables which are included in making this biryani are peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, beans, dry fruits, and lots of spices. It is the most popular selling dish we deliver to our customers every day. Enjoying piping hot biryani on the train journey with family is like a dream come true. This biryani may cost you approx 120 rs to 180 rs. Even you can take Jain food parcel in train for your family.

jain veg pulav 2

3. Veg pulav: Have you tried Jain pulav? If not, then you must try it. Your taste buds won’t feel as it is Jain food, which is super tasty and healthy to eat. If you are single, you must order this. Not only Jains but others also thoroughly enjoy this dish. Yummy and tasty pulav which is prepared without adding any root veggies and not compromising on the taste. Approximately this pulav may cost you around 80rs to 120 rs if you book Jain food in train.


4. Pav bhaji: Yummy evening snacks are also must on the train, and then what can be better than ordering Jain Pav Bhaji. This ultimate bhaji has an exact taste of sweetness and spiciness in it. This bhaji is prepared using fresh vegetables like cauliflowers, peas, tomatoes, beans, etc without hampering its actual taste. Surely you will relish on this dish on the train. Kids will surely love while traveling by train. The cost of this meal is around 100 rs to 150 rs.

pav bhaji

5. Poha: Poha is the most common breakfast in most of our houses. Jain poha is slightly different, as lots of veggies and dry fruits used to make it healthy and tasty. No onion and garlic are used in this dish. On your travel, if you think to eat something light, Poha is the best option to choose from. The cost of this breakfast is around 50 rs to 70 rs. The best combination is enjoying hot poha and chai on the train, creates a memory of its own.


6. Upma: Do you love the smell of upma? It just gives a charismatic feeling, Isnt. The fragrance of piping hot upma in the train is heaven. Vegetable upma with coconut chutney is a great breakfast deal, can opt for it. It is a pure vegetarian dish. The range of the meal is approx 70rs to 100rs.

jain upma

7. Dal Khichidri: If you are not a Jain, but still you will love the aromatic flavors of Jain Dal Khichdi. The exact addition of each masala and the proper blend of each ingredient together make dal khichri slightly different. If you are looking for something lighter than Dal Khichidri is best. The addition of the correct amount of rice and dal in proper proportion brings out the taste. The cost of this meal may be around 90rs to 130rs.

jain dal khichdi

8. Jain dhokla: Delicious dhokla, the most healthy, soft, and spongy snack it is made up of gram flour. It is a purely vegetarian dish. If you are a dhokla lover and if you can order this yummy dish on the train, your train journey becomes a big hit. Check out the nearest station, enter your PNR no and place your order now. It may cost you around 50rs to 100rs per plate.


9. Jain Paratha sabji combo: Do you love to eat paratha day and night? If you are a paratha person who loves to taste all types of parathas with pickle. So you do not need to worry at all when you are on a train, Traveler food will take care of your order any time of the day. Keeping in mind about you (Jain followers) we serve 100% authentic vegetarian food, excluding all root vegetables. You can order Jain Paratha with a sabji of your choice with us. It may cost you 60rs to 120rs per plate.


10. Jain Pizza: Are you a pizza lover? We all love to eat pizza, whether a kid or adults we all love eating hot pizzas. When I heard about the pizza order on the train, I was not shocked. Pizza delivery is possible now inside your train, the breaking news. Traveling with friends or family when you are ordering no one can say no to this order. The Jain pizza includes jalapenos, olives, tomatoes, grated cheese, and tomato ketchup as toppings and preparing the base using maida. Also, no yeast added while processing the pizza. You may think pizza may cost you a bomb, but you are wrong; you will get various types half the price. It may cost you 200rs to 300rs a medium size pizza.

jain pizza

All thanks to food delivery apps, now ordering Jain food in train is not at all tough for Jain followers. If you are specifically looking for Jain food on the trainTraveler Food offers you a wide range of options, and it is very convenient to place your order. Next time when you travel by train, book your order with us and get a special 50% discount. You can reach out to us at 07827998877 we will be happy to help you out.

Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places and trying out different cuisine . Also a big time foodie.

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