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As Jainism is a vegetarian religion, the cuisine is based on this belief; root vegetables are not used in this diet. When traveling by train, one does not have to miss out on the Jain cuisine. This blog will tickle your taste buds. Thus, we have listed 15 tasty Jain recipes that you can eat while traveling on the train.

1. Khichdi

It is light-spiced, and it is a healthy and easily digestible dish. Another benefit of khichdi is that it can be accompanied by yogurt, pickles, and ghee. This one-pot wonder is a great option that would be perfect for train trips because it is both comfortable and healthy. Jain-friendly Khichdi is not only a quick breakfast or light dinner but also the food basicness shared by numerous palates in India.

2. Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati churma is a three-component Rajasthani-rich meal. The preparation of this dish consists of baked wheat balls (baati), spicy lentil curry Dal, and a sweet powdered mixture of churma. They are generally cooked over an open fire and hence have a smoky taste. The dal is flavored with spices, which makes a pleasant side dish. The meal is ended with Churma, a dessert of coarse wheat flour, ghee, and sugar.

3. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a vegetarian appetizer that leaves the mouth burning. Tandoori skewers of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cubes, marinated in a spice mix and grilled or baked. A train of dining would benefit from this rich and delicious dish, having an unmatched taste.

4. Jain Pav Bhaji

The Jain version of this popular street food is called the Jain Pav Bhaji. According to the Jain dietary codes, it replaces root vegetables. It is a mixture of different vegetables cooked in tomato sauce and fried with buttered pav (bread). It is a convenient alternative for Jain railway travelers.

5. Dhokla

Dhokla is a type of steamed, spongy cake that is prepared with fermented rice and chickpea flour. It is a green and refreshing chutney snack. This dish is good and comfortable for traveling. One must try out while traveling. 

6. Masala Khakhra

This is a fiery flour cracker made from wheat and is a great train snack. Everyone loves this dish whether you are an adult or a child, this is for all. 

7. Jain Chole

This Jain version of Chole ( chickpea curry) lacks onion and garlic but its taste is piquant because of a particular mix of spices.

8. Palak Paneer

A healthy and delicious meal prepared by cooking cubes of paneer in spinach sauce is known as Palak Paneer. It is a vegetarian version of the original.

9. Jain Vegetable Biryani

Jain vegetable biryani is an exquisite aromatic rice dish made with myriads of veggies and spices.

10. Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte Ki Sabzi is a dish from Rajasthan, where gram flour dumplings are cooked in yogurt-based sour gravy. The meal is flavored with a combination of herbs and spices that make it explode with tastes. This rich and savory dish reflects the great legacy of Rajasthan which is just right for a Jain train ride.

11. Jain Handvo

Jain handvo is a textural and tasty cake, which follows the dietetic practice. It is made from a combination of rice, lentils, and mixed vegetables which are healthy snack. This steamed cake is a spicy mixture that the Jain traveler on the train will find very enjoyable and tasty.

12. Baingan Bharta

Indian cuisine includes a delicious smoked-flavored meal Baingan Bharta. A mixture of roasted and mashed eggplant, tomatoes, green chiles, and spices is cooked. This is a salty and the actual taste of India that everyone enjoys. Baingan Bharta is an excellent option for the Jain palate.

13. Jain Poha

The followers of Jain believe in a light diet, which includes flattened rice as their breakfast and is called Jain Poha. They seasoned the poha with a pinch of turmeric, mustard seeds, and peanuts. This dish is light and best for breakfast for all.

14. Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is a yogurt-based, creamy, and sour soup that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is light and delicate, with a spiced buttermilk broth and gram flour dumplings that integrate well with the spices. 

15. Jain Thali

The Jain Thali is a perfect and balanced diet. This vegetarian thali has dal, sabzi, rice, and chapati. No root vegetables onion – garlic is given in the Jain Thali. 


Do not think of your dietary needs and jump onto the Indian train for a gastronomic trip. All these 15 traditional Jain recipes leave the mouth of one who wants to increase the variety and abundance in Jain culture watering. In this way, your train travel can be turned into a nostalgic one with a vegetarian and vibrant culinary heritage in India. Therefore, on your next journey, do give these Jain dishes a try and enjoy vegetarian Indian food the way it ought to be consumed. 

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Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has a keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places and trying out different cuisines. Also a big-time foodie.

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