Published by August 14th, 2015

Spicy food

Spicy food

So, you stay away from hot and spicy food? You believe it can harm your stomach and exacerbates ulcers? Well, this hot and spicy read may alter the way you consider the spicy food till date. Though spicy food is loved by people because it adds a certain kind of flavour to the taste buds, studies have proved that spicy food is a boon for the health. I am sure that after reading this share, you will start adding at least small amounts of spices in your food and then increase its intensity. Without much a delay, let us understand what health benefits spicy food has in its kitty:

1. Weight loss

We go here and there for losing the extra flesh present on the body. Less we know that our very own food- the spicy food is one of the foremost agents which can help in reducing the extra flab. The favourite hot sauce or the chopped jalapeno can make the bland diet for weight loss a palatable one without adding any calories to it; thus making you stick to your weight loss agenda. In addition to this, these substances enhance your metabolism so that you can undertake your exercise routine in a better manner.

2. Fights against cancer

Yes, spices have the cancer fighting properties. Curcumin, is a pigment which is present in curry and embodies the anticancer properties in it. This is helpful both in preventing as well as fighting the prostate cancer.  Capsaicin activates the cell receptors in the intestinal lining, thus lowering the risk of tumors. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of capsaicin helps in the treatment of cancer. Capsaicin is effective against the pancreatic, bladder and breast cancer cells. For availing  the greater benefits, it is advisable to enhance the intake of capsaicin in your diet.

3. Gives a respite for respiratory problems

For years, Ayurveda believed that turmeric acts as an agent for treating respiratory problems. The Western studies have found an evidence regarding the same. It helps by protecting the lungs from pollutants, irritants and any other kind of infectious agents such as dust, cigarette smoke, viruses etc. Thus, due to curcumin (turmeric) the probability of happening of bronchitis, asthma and any other acute respiratory disease is lowered to a great extent.

4. Good for heart

The hot pepper is known for lowering the risk of happening of heart diseases as it decreases the bad cholesterol and improves the circulation of blood in and out of the heart. There are also evidences which show that capsaicin, has the ability to treat the different kinds of circulatory problems and irregularity of the rhythm of the heart.

 5. Nutritional value

Often, we are unable to meet our daily requirement of vitamins and minerals; but with the addition of fresh chilies the needful can be done. The green pepper and red pepper are the agents of Vitamin C and Minerals which completes the recommended intake for nutritions. Apart from that, they also prevent common cold, heart disease and cancer.

6. Improves sex life

The hot spices lead to hot sex. Jokes apart, the saffron and ginseng are considered as a great booster for enhancing the sexual performance in the bed. Young couples should add at least a small portion of these spices in their diet.

If spicy food has so many health benefits and you also enjoy adding them in your plate, you should stop being skeptical about them and make them your friend. One point to be noted is that there should be a limit on its intake. The quantum of spice should be comparatively less in the dinner as eating spices in the night may lead to indigestion which may cause problems in getting your much needed night’s sleep.

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