Published by May 9th, 2015

Train Food Delivery Services To Serve You Clean And Hygienic Eatables

Are you fed up of eating the same old junk and unhygienic food during a train journey? Even a number of people fall ill after consuming the train foodstuff because they are too oily and unhygenically cooked with the inferior quality spices. It is very necessary to consume good food outside because most of the diseases arrive from the outer world and filthy places. So to resolve this issue there are the train food delivery services who has come up to serve train passengers with the best quality food. These food delivery services provide the clean and hygienic quality food to you that can be consumed without any worry and they won’t make you ill. Similarly, Travelerfood is such a service who has served abundant of train passengers with their excellent food and considered as one among the best services who deliver food on train.


How to order food?

Ordering food from Travelerfood is very easy. They have offered a number of communication methods so that you can order food easily and conveniently. You can either book your meals online or via phone by just submitting your PNR number and details of the train. The payment can be made online or during the food delivery and they will deliver your food on your train seat just on time. If you are ordering food online then you just need to follow this process:

Select train – Select restaurant – Add food to cart – Checkout – Cash on delivery or online payment – Get your food.

Types of food they offer

Travelerfood offer a number of cuisines which you ever thought can be found on a train. With a wide range of cuisines they have achieved customer affection and delivered satisfactory results. They offer variety cuisines like Chinese, Mughlai, continental, Italian, fast food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian and your choices are not limited here. They also offer Indian cuisines like Punjabi food, South Indian food, Hyderabadi food, North Indian food and lots more. According to their customer feedback, the North Indian thali is the most preferred food item since it includes variety of spices and they are quite proficient in making it.

Delivering on more than 200 locations around the country

Travelerfood has a number of satisfied customers from around 200 locations around India. The service has tied up with multiple restaurants and cuisines which are popularly known for serving quality food to customers. With an increasing number of trains around the country this food delivery service aims to cover more locations, even the smaller ones, where food has become a matter of concern.

Excellent customer service

You will never find any complaint regarding their food, delivery services or late delivery with Travelerfood. For them customer satisfaction is the aim and they have been successfully attaining it with their quality services. They are fast and offer 24 x 7 customer support physically or on phone and you can contact them anytime to visit to right on your train seat.

Food for health

Travelerfood is also concerned about their customer’s health and so they are offering food that will never cause any problem to your body. Their food comes from the hands of the real chefs who make them with quality spices and edibles. If you want any specific type of dish without any rich spices then you can also order them.

Offering the fastest food booking app

Offering the fastest food booking app

Offering the fastest food booking app

Not only these, you can book your food right from your smartphone with their official app which is considered as the fastest food booking app. With this app you can order food anywhere and anytime around India.

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 Coming soon with varieties of pizzas



With the introduction of various style pizzas, Travelerfood is adding this delicacy to the Italian food for customers who just love having pizza. You would love their cheesy freshly baked pizzas which will be delivered hot in your train seat. So if you are traveling around somewhere, don’t forget to order their fresh pizzas to experience something new and delicate.

Delivering in more than 1000 trains

Delivering in more than 1000 trains

Delivering in more than 1000 trains

With a wide range of satisfied customers, Travelerfood aims to cover more upcoming and new trains around the country. They have successfully served in more and 1000 trains in India and achieved a lot of appreciation from their customers.

Travelerfood tracks your train in real time to make sure the food is available to their passengers through their chain of restaurants. They are concerned about the food problems that passengers face while travelling and so to make sure that they get the right food Travelerfood is offering day and night service to their consumers.

Therefore, if you are planning for a train journey and still concerned about the food then Travelerfood is the best option to find the clean and hygienic food at your seat. Try them out and get rid of the regular health problems to have a safe and comfortable train journey.

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