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Have you wondered if you can enjoy Korean food while traveling by train? Do you think it is even possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible with Traveler Food. Korean cuisine has gained a massive following worldwide due to its rich aromatic flavors and different tastes. Recently, Korean dishes have got immense love and appreciation in India also.

Korean food should be on your bucket list. So, tick off your bucket list during your train journey. And order Korean food while traveling by train at your favorite restaurant and get fresh food delivery on train. But how can we get Korean food on our train journey? Traveler Food can supply you with your preferred Korean cuisine during your train journey. Our delivered Korean dishes are popular because they are savory, spicy, hearty, and nutritious, which our customers enjoy.

But before we talk about food, let us look at Korean cuisine and understand it.

An overview of the Korean Culinary

Korean cuisine is just like other Asian cuisines. Due to their amazing flavors, Korean dishes pledge to provide an exceptional experience for your taste buds. It includes a main and a side dish. Traditional Korean cuisine has the colors green, red, yellow, white, and black. All these colors represent a direction, a natural element, and a health advantage.

If you are curious about enjoying Korean cuisine but are unaware of how to begin.

Let’s look at some Korean dishes that are popular in our Traveler Food menu and why people love to enjoy them so much.

Here is a list of the top 11 best Korean foods that you must try on the train journey. So, let us begin and keep reading the blog.

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1) Kimchi – (Spicy Fermented Vegetables)

Kimchi is one of the Korean foods that Traveler Food delivers to consumers. Kimchi is the most popular dish. It is a salad made with fermented cabbage known as Baechu, and it is an immaculate addition to your meal. You can also eat kimchi as a snack or in salads. Our customers gave our kimchi a good rating because it is absolutely delicious. If you want to have it, then place an order on the Traveler Food app to have your kimchi. You can place an order and we can’t fail to deliver hot and spicy kimchi to you on time at your preferred station.

2) Ramen (soupy noodles with vegetables, chicken, mushrooms, and fish)

Do you like ramen? The secret to Ramen’s success is that it is a hot, spicy dish. You can also order Korean Ramen during your journey to meet your hunger with us. Top-approved restaurants prepare the Ramen dish we offer to our customers. So the taste is entirely amazing. With just one click, you can have your hot and spicy Korean Ramen delivered to your train seat using the Traveler Food train food app.

3) Korean Fried Chicken

Everyone loves to enjoy chicken. But the flavor is mouthwatering when it is prepared in a Korean style. Korean Fried Chicken is flavorful and spices are added to this Korean-style chicken fry. It is first marinated with a variety of ingredients, then deep-fried twice to make it extra crispy. What if we get Korean fried chicken on our train ride? Place your order today with us using the Traveler Food app and enjoy your train journey.

4) Tteokkbokki (Spicy Red Rice Cake)

Tteokkbokki is a pasta that is just as spicy as street food. The vegetables and spices are added to make it more pleasant to eat. It’s simply the best way to satisfy a small hunger. The secret to Tteokkbokki’s most amazing taste is its mouthwatering sauce. It coats the rice cakes and makes them extra flavorful. Simply go to the Traveler Food website or app, select the Korean food menu option, and place an order. Enjoy your meal while traveling by train. Have a blissful journey and use train food delivery online to get good Korean food.

5) Mandu (dumplings)

Mandu is a traditional Korean dish that is comparable to our momos. But, because it’s a Korean dish. The taste of momos and mandu differs. Mandu is healthy food. It contains veggie stuffing and also contains beef, pork, or chicken. Mandu can be steamed, fried, or served in soup. Mandu is eaten with a special chili, soy sauce, and vinegar sauce. The best FSSAI-approved restaurants specialize in making authentic Korean Mandu.

We deliver Mandu to our consumers from the best restaurants to fulfill the demands of our valuable consumers.

6) Gamjajeon (simple breakfast snack)

Gamjajeon is a famous Korean breakfast recipe. Gamjajeon is easy to make because it only requires three ingredients: potato, onion, and salt. It’s a nutritious breakfast, and if you want to try this Korean breakfast, you can order it on the train too.

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7) Jijigae (Korean stew)

Want to try jjigae? Make an order on the Traveler Food app to get it delivered jjigae to your train seat. This is the most delicious food that you can enjoy while traveling by train. This Korean stew is just out of the world. If you haven’t tried Korean stew (jjigae), place an order with the trusted Traveler Food app with just one click.

8) Jajangmyeon (Thicker and Dark Noodle Dish)

Jajangmyeon is a fusion of Korean and Chinese dishes. Jajangmyeon has excellent flavor and is made with thick, handmade wheat noodles. It is topped with raw cucumber slices and a mixture of salty black soybeans and vegetables. However, you can order it from Traveler Food. We are a reliable and inexpensive e-catering brand. We deliver hot and tasty jajangmyeon to your train seat.

9) Samgyeopsal (grilled dish – chicken or pork)

Samgyeopsal is a must-try Korean dish. Order this grilled chicken using a trusted caterer that can provide you with Samgyeopsal. Don’t forget to order your favorite Korean foods from us. We will be happy to help you out.

10) Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup)

Samgyetang is a ginseng chicken soup that is scrumptious in taste.  Everyone who has tried this ginseng chicken soup has just loved this soup. This nourishing soup is stuffed with chestnuts, garlic, ginseng, glutinous rice, and more.

11) Korean Ramyun (Instant Noodles)

These fast-food noodles are generally in every Korean grocery store and also in India. Most young kids love these noodles a lot. Today, this Korean ramen is available in supermarkets and can be ordered online and also on trains.

How did Korean food become popular in India?

Today, Korean culture is believed to have had an immense influence on Indians. The K-dramas boost both their vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Eventually, Indian restaurants have been inspired to deliver traditional Korean delicacies to Indians. Today, passengers traveling via Indian Railways can even enjoy Korean food on the train and enjoy their train journey.

Why order Korean food using Traveler Food?

Traveler food is a trusted brand that delivers food on the train from various restaurants across India. Here, you get to order reasonably priced food. And our newly added Korean food is also delivered to customers on the train. Do give it a try and enjoy your favorite Korean food.

Wrapping up:

Traveler Food is an e-catering app that allows rail passengers to select their desired dish from their menu and enjoy it on a train journey. Traveler food has partnered with various outlets and restaurants to provide healthy and well-packed food. We are experts in delivering train food services, so you can also call us at 7827998877 or book your meal through a mobile app or website.

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