Published by June 29th, 2020

Life of people across the world has been massively disrupted by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Perhaps the greatest downturns in the history of mankind, this virus has unleashed a fear psychosis among people globally of not getting infected and the situation is getting worse with everyone especially travelers as the outbreak has changed the whole dynamics of travel. Travellers, who got affected during the lockdown in India with the entire travel sector too shutting down, were happy with the new normal of phase wise unlocking in the country and started rushing to get back to their respective destinations when the railways were allowed to operate.


The sad part is that no one can ever tell you that travelling during this pandemic is entirely risk free, irrespective of your age, health condition or destination. While the fatality rate of this outbreak is relatively low, there are few things that you should take and consider before, during and after your travel:

  1. Travel only if it is absolutely necessary or essential. It is a myth to say that travelling to places with less number of reported cases is completely safe.
  2. Strictly follow guidelines issued by the Government. Several state governments have taken measures to protect their zones from the virus. Some have 7 day quarantine, some 14 days, few have banned entries. Your travel plans might be affected while the coronavirus is still actively spreading.
  3. Keep your distance, avoid crowd especially in closed places. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from someone who is coughing, sneezing or showing symptoms of cold or flu. You can get infected by their airborne respiratory droplets.
  4. Wash your hands frequently. By far the most crucial thing to do in reducing the risk of contracting the virus.
  5. Clean frequently touched objects. The seats and the window grills of a train are the most vulnerable spots. Cleaning these two placeswith a spray or wipe during journey is important.
  6. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands. The virus can live for hours on surfaces touched by an infected person, and can spread to you by touching your face without washing your hands.
  7. Wear a mask and follow respiratory hygiene. Wearing mask always would do a lot of good in reducing the risk of getting infected or spreading the virus.
  8. Travel with etickets. A safety measure where you do not have to worry about touching documents or getting them through a lot of physical contacts.
  9. Seek medical help if you develop symptoms. Seek medical help instantly if you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms like cold, cough, fever, throat pain, etc.
  10. Ordering Food in train. No physical contact involved in booking food in train and it is delivered following all theguidelines issued by the government in accordance with FSSAI’s food safety norms/standards.

Benefits of e-catering for best quality food in train delivery

In this era of digital life, the biggest revolution we have seen over the course of time is that anything we need is just a few clicks away from our smart devices including food. With a large number of people preferring to order food online, e-catering services for delicious and authentic food in train delivery is also gaining its ground and reaching its peak. Last minute cooking worries or packing before a train journey can be really challenging and stressful. Here are few significant advantages of food delivery in train:

  1. Hygienic Food – Rest assured, clean and fresh food in train is served by the service providers strictly adhering to the guidelines set by FSSAI.
  2. Convenience – Going through reviews and ordering at your leisure from your seats and avoiding crowded places.
  3. Greater Reach – Browsing the wide range menu and ordering food in train from your favourite or preferred restaurants.
  4. Payment – Hassles free multiple payment options.
  5. Packing and Delivery – Ordered food is properly sealed and delivered on time at your seats.

Key trends that can change the future of food in train delivery

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  1. New ordering methods. Allowing customers to place orders from all possible channels such as virtual assistants, social media and so on.
  2. Mapping customer behavior and experience. Enabling fast and flexible additions of functions on the app can be a rich ingredient in customers coming back for more.
  3. Collecting data. To be more efficient, collecting and analyzing data like customer purchase history, reviews and comments on social media, impact of temperature on food and so on has to be implemented.
  4. Eco-friendly packaging. As customers are more environment conscious than ever, green packing with unique designs can be a great change.
  5. Staying ahead of others. With stiff competition around, incorporating unique features for better customer service in food ordering app should be a big trend.

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Order food in train with safe and hygienic measures

Plentitude of online caterers are available today who can serve quality food in train at railway station to meet your requirements and Traveler Food offers services of delivering authentic and hygienic food in train for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers on time at your seats. We also serve special requirements of food in train like Jain food, group orders and more. Whatever mode of travel you choose we are there to take care of your food requirements.

Hope this blog has given you a first-hand information on your travel safety guidelines and how to procure hygienic and quality food in train requirements. Stay safe and travel safe!!

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