Published by September 29th, 2014

Railway Restaurant: come eat and enjoy

Gone is the time when the individuals travelling by the Indian Railways were satisfied with the food quality provided to them. With time, they have become more conscious pertaining to quality as well as choice of food. This thought of serving food for train journey gave birth to a number of railway restaurants which offers not on quality in terms of food, but also a plethora of food options for the train travelers to choose from.

If we talk about the menu offered by these restaurants, it offers diverse varieties of food items. Thus catering to the needs of people from all walks of life, considering the fact that the Indian Railways network is spread across the country. Hence, choosing one food menu and leaving the rest would be an injustice to the rest of the people. The food items served include:

  •    Mughlai
  •    Chinese
  •    Italian
  •    North Indian
  •    South Indian
  •    Continental
  •    Gujarati food
  •    Marathi food
  •    Bakery products
  •    Drinks and beverages

A look at the menu, largely hints at the fact that when you travel by train, there is no need to abstain from consuming your favourite food item even for a day. You can simply place your order with the railway restaurant website and get your favourite food at your convenience.

Now, comes the question of how to place the order?

You need to follow the following steps to place your food order. In fact, your food item is just a click away!

  •   You need to log on the website and search for the different food items and select the food items which seem scrumptious to you.
  •   After the selection of the order, you need to select the train by which you would be making your journey.
  •   After the train selection, fill in your PNR no. and the station where you want your meal to be delivered.
  •   You can make the payment and come out of the website
  •   Your food will reach you.

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