Published by February 28th, 2015

Meal on train- Varieties of food provided by traveler food

Now have your favorite food in train from most famous restaurants or fast food chain of your choice during your train journey. Meal on train has taken a new face with the emergence of companies who deliver food in train. And what’s more it works really simply. You type in your train the details, choose your restaurant of food outlet, choose your meal from a vast menu of multiple cuisine varieties and place your order. We track your train and timing in real time and ensure that your food reaches you on time right at your seat.

meal on train

meal on train

A big percentage of people traveling by trains opt for vegetarian food since it is easy on the digestive system. It is because of this particular reason that vegetarian food delivery on train is quite famous. We deliver vegetarian thali meals on preference and have a wide range of vegetarian dishes from North Indian meals to South Indian Sambar, Vegetarian Pizzas, and Chinese and Continental cuisines on offer. We even offer custom prepared food for passengers traveling in group.

Vegetarian Pizzas

Vegetarian Pizzas

Jainism is one of the most ancient religions of India. Jains, who are very popular for their adherence to the principle of ahimsa, fasting rituals and reservations in food, find it very difficult to find food outside of home. Their food choices are even very different from normal vegetarian food. To ensure that the Jain’s don’t have a tough time during travel, we also deliver Jain food in train prepared according to Jain culture preferences.

online food order in train journey

If you are an ardent lover of non vegetarian food and prefer to have it at least once a day, then train journeys could be a very difficult time for you. Many prefer their meat or chicken or fish or anything cooked in a particular way which cannot be expected from the train pantry. That is why we provide you with the option to order your favorite chicken gravy or Biryani from your favorite food outlets and we will deliver them to you on time.

Online food order in train journey can be done by logging onto our website or by calling us, all this up to one hour before your train reaches the particular destination. Bon voyage! Let us service you and make your journey more memorable.

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