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The Ministry of Railways is making various changes with regard to the booking of online tickets in the country. Changes were made for senior citizens and children fare. Now, there is a new rule to cater the genuine users who book the railway tickets via online medium.



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On 28th January 2016, the Railway Ministry announced a new rule with regard to the booking of online tickets of the Indian Railways through the official website of IRCTC. The main highlight of this rule is the reduction of the maximum number of tickets which can be booked by a single user. Earlier a user who owns an account on the IRCTC website, was allowed to book a minimum of 10 tickets. With the implementation of the latest move, the number of maximum tickets has been reduced to 6. The new rule is said to be effective from 15th February 2016.

As per the Government, this move will not affect the genuine users in any way. This new rule will only curb the activities of fake agents and touts. According to a release from the Ministry of Railways, about 90% of the users book no more than 6 tickets in any given month. There is a suspicion about the rest of the tickets being booked by touts or fake agents in order to make an illegal sale of the railway tickets; thus harming the financial books of the travelers as well the Government.

A look at the user restrictions which have been imposed by IRCTC to curb the activities of the fake agents and touts:

  • IRCTC has made a 35 second wait as compulsory when booking online tickets. This move is to provide a smooth booking experience to the genuine users.
  • For the Advance Reservation Period (ARP), the individuals can book just 2 tickets between the time slot of 8 am to 10 am.
  • For Tatkal booking, the individuals are allowed to book 2 tickets per user during 10 am to 12 pm.
  • Each and every day, the quick book option will stand disabled between the time period from 8am to 12 pm.
  • The strategic move made by the Government is that the ticketing agents are not allowed to book any tickets during the initial 30 minutes of ticket booking opening.
    • For General Bookings- 8am to 8.30 am, the ticketing agents are debarred from booking tickets.
    • For AC Tatkal bookings- 10 am to 10.30 am, no ticket can be booked by the ticketing agents.
    • For Non- AC Tatkal bookings- 11am to 11.30 am, the ticketing agents are not allowed to book any ticket.
  • Each day from 8am to 12 pm, the cash cards and e-wallet can not be used for the purpose of making payments for online tickets.
  • Every day only one booking is allowed for the one user login session. Only for the return or onward journey, more than one booking can be done by one user login.
  • With effect from 15th February 2016, a maximum of 6 tickets can be booked by one user each month.

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