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With the nation battling the pandemic, to keep the citizens as well as the nation safe our COVID-19 warriors worked and are still working tirelessly towards the safety of one and all. To pay a tribute to these battalions, stations across the country have adorned the walls with colourful murals of the humble warriors.
India’s experience so far shows that the right policies make a huge difference in fighting the disease and mitigating its impact comes with difficult trade-offs.

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How the virus is spreading in India
As India was unable to follow the strategy of systematizing screening, it adapted to a progressive method of containment followed by a 21-day lockdown across the country. From 1st June 2020, the lockdown was slowly lifted when the number of cases was way lesser to try to get the country back to normalcy.
The announcement of phase-wise unlocking in India heralded the upward trajectory in the number of cases with people not properly following the safety measure guidelines issued by the government and the positive cases in our country have accelerated from 1,97,862 on 1st June to 5,67,233 on 30th June forcing the authorities to reconsider and go back to the lockdown mode.


Though there were various measures taken by the central government to curb the pandemic, it was our warriors who put their lives at risk and bravely faced the situation to help the citizens. Our Prime Minister had appealed to citizens for showing their gratitude towards the Bravehearts.

Indian Railways paying tribute to frontline warriors of COVID-19

The idiom ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’ aptly fits the real heroes of our nation. From top government officials to people from all walks of life initiated a host of events in unique ways of praising and showing gratitude towards the COVID-19 unsung heroes for the way they have been tirelessly working to deliver essential services and ensuring everyone’s safety.

No words are enough to thank these brave hearts for their relentless efforts and working round the clock to help people with the epidemic. While citizens are taking necessary precautions of not contracting the virus, the following brave hearts have been there for everyone across the country in this time of crisis:

  1. Doctors
  2. Police Department
  3. Nurses
  4. Paramedical Staff
  5. Sanitation Workers
  6. Railway Protection Force
  7. Delivery Boys
  8. The entire staff of Indian Railways

Indian Railways being one of the unsung heroes of our country in the fight against COVID-19 paid rich tributes to all the frontline workers of the country by putting up of Murals, Posters, etc., of the warriors in many railway stations across the country.

Duty of citizens to act as ‘disciplined soldiers’ in the fight against COVID-19

Our country’s leadership taking early, decisive and transparent measures like imposing of lockdown, issuing safety measures guidelines, sanitizing vulnerable spots, etc., has considerably helped in combating COVID-19 and kept the count of cases at relatively low numbers.

With the restrictions gradually loosened, we are moving to a new normal while being vigilant to minimize the spread of coronavirus wave and the war is continuing with the number of cases increasing at an alarming rate and the engagement and solidarity of our citizens will be the key in containing the spread of the virus. Strictly following of wearing mask, social distancing, restricting unwanted travel, maintaining hygiene and avoiding huge gatherings can help a lot in minimizing the risk of contracting the virus and help our country in combating the epidemic.

The entire team of Traveler Food too salutes all our COVID-19 Warriors and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Taking cue from these brave hearts, we are doing our best in ensuring Safe, Healthy and Hygienic train food  services following all guidelines framed by the FSSAI and learning many other things that can help our country in combating this health crisis.


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