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Travel and South Indian food have a unique combination. South Indian food adds a mist to everyone’s palate. On the early morning of travel, we all prefer enjoying a light breakfast, which means what better than enjoying idli and sambar on the go? South Indian food gives that kick-off start and stands up to the exotic flavors and taste. 

Today, South Indian foods are popular all across the globe, and that talks about Indian culture and diversity. In this guide, you’ll show the process of ordering South Indian food on your train. So, get ready to learn the process. 

Learn about South Indian Cuisine

When we think of fermented foods, it is South Indian foods. It is the cuisine that uses rice, lentils, coconuts, and aromatic ingredients like mustard seeds, curry leaves, and dry red chilies to curate their dishes. The authentic South Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes, starting with dosas, idlis, vadas, and various rice dishes such as biryani and Pongal etc. The South Indian dishes are prepared authentically with an abundance of the culinary heritage and culture of the place. 

Now, lets take a look at the types of food. 

Types of South Indian Food that you can order on train

  1. Dosa: It is a crispy, simple pancake made with a combination of rice and lentils. It is eaten with authentic coconut chutney and sambar. 
  2. Idli: Soft idlis are the most preferred of all. It is cooked from a fermented batter where lentils and rice are fermented. Then it is steamed, cooked, and freshly served with coconut and sambar. Idlis are the best breakfast choice if you are traveling by train.
  3. Vada: Medu vada is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and having it with coconut chutney and sambar is the best combination.
  4. Uttapam: Thick pancakes made from a mixture of lentils, rice, and fermentation, served with fried chilies and tomato sauce. Uttapam topped with onions, tomatoes, chillis, and chopped coriander is the best.

How to order South Indian Food on trains?

Here, let’s take a deep dive into how to place the order. Check them out carefully. 

  1. Check Available Options: There are various food delivery apps through which you can order South Indian foods at your seat. Or else you can easily get on railway platforms various outlets of south Indian foods. Numerous railway stations in India possess an array of catering outlets and have onboard dining that specializes in offering, among many others, just south Indian cuisine. 
  2. Pre-book Meals: For efficient supply and delivery purposes you can pre-book your South Indian meals either through the IRCTC website or mobile application. This will guarantee the availability of food and also timely delivery of the same to the platform where it is needed. 
  3. Onboard Pantry/Catering Services: For long-distance trains in India pantry services offer anything from South Indian cuisine. After boarding the train, find out the staff of the pantry about the availability of dosas, idlis, vadas, and several other South Indian specialties.
  4. Local Station Vendors: You can also find a lot of local vendors selling various delicacies made in that region, such as South Indian food, at the railway stations that are major stops on the way. If your train is scheduled to stop at such stations, getting off the carriage and making your way to the platform may be a good idea. Then, sample some amazing food that the place has to offer. 
  5. Customization and Special Requests: While ordering South Indian cuisine on trains, don’t shy away from making some tweaks to your meal to give you a taste that meets your pleasant liking. It might be your craving for additional spiciness in your sambar or specific toppings for your dosa.
  6. Hygiene and Food Safety: Select an established, popular, and reputed online food delivery caterer, that provides top-class hygienic food. They will deliver you healthy and hygienic quality food. 

Popular food delivery like Traveler Food/IRCTC 

Traveler Food or IRCTC are all-time food delivery apps that are specialized for train food  delivery. If you are traveling by train and looking for good and healthy South Indian food then you can blindly use these apps to place your order. Download their apps and choose your south Indian meals, provide train no and berth no, and done. You get your order just on your seat, serving hot and maintaining hygiene. 


Embarking on a train journey in India will give you a chance to explore the vast diversity of India’s cuisine. The choice is yours, whether you want to enjoy authentic idlis and sambar or the perfect crispy dosas with coconut chutney to make your journey glorified. Order your food take a bite of idli and enjoy good food and enjoy a good view from the train. Need more details on how to get good food, contact the Traveler Food app at 7827998877 or you can WhatsApp at 7704841409 and enjoy the favorite South Indian food of your choice. 

Happy traveling and enjoy good food!

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