Published by March 13th, 2024

Traveling to various places is just like therapy. It indeed makes the mind fresh and gives an extremely joyous feeling. But just imagine, when traveling you get to order your favorite food. The happiness will increase and make your travel way more fantastic. Isnt it? Having your favorite pizza slice in your hand take a bite and enjoy a beautiful valley view from your train window. 

Pizza on a moving train, is a feeling, whether you are an adult or a kid, Pizza is everyone’s favorite, and everyone loves to eat it with joy. At any point in time or anywhere, pizza is the most comfortable and go-to food. However, now ordering pizza on the train is not a task, you can easily order pizza and enjoy a beautiful train journey with your friends or family. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can order Pizza and put a smile on your face. 

8 Step by step-by-step process for ordering Pizza on a train

Here, let us look at each step and understand the pizza ordering process clearly. 

Step 1: Do your research

Research is powerful if done in the right way. Before you leave for train travel, first ensure that you investigate the food delivery app and learn if they can deliver your favorite food. Look at their website, look at the restaurants, or call the train company to ask whether they serve meals at the respective station of your choice. 

Step 2: To familiarise the Travel Route and Stops of a train

Look at the train route beforehand and know where the stops are situated. It is essential and it will help you to know, where and when you need your food. Know the approximate time of passing by the train when it is possible to do food delivery at the stations. 

Step 3: Select the appropriate food delivery company

After having completed the first stage – pizza delivery service being implemented on your train route- the next step is to select the best pizza delivery service. Search the options and do not miss details on the menu variety, cost, delivery reliability, etc.

Step 4: Call For Order

It’s essential to call the delivery service that you have chosen. Place your order, provide the train number, coach or compartment details, and desired delivery time. First of all, make sure your order is correct, the pizza size, the kind of crust you want, whether you want some extra cheese or just meat, etc.

Step 5: Do the Payments

The mode of payment that you wanted to do, whether by cash, online, or using UPI. Check the options and accordingly make the payment. Let your payment method be handy, this will make it easier for you to conclude the ordering process.

Step 7: Received the order & enjoy

Your train has reached the station and your pizza has been delivered to your seat. Now, it’s time to enjoy your pizza with your family and kids. Experience and enjoy the delicious pizza on the train.  

Step 8: Provide Feedback

Talk about the taste of a pizza, the speed of the delivery, and generally, the evaluation that you felt over the process. Share your feedback and your opinion that will help others experience the same.

Traveler Food is the popular food delivery app for train travel

Traveler Food is a cutting-edge mobile app, that helps in ordering food on trains and all over India. The innovation of the website enables the passengers to order food directly to their berth, ensuring a comfortable and ideal experience of eating throughout their trips. You can easily select from the different meals from the user-friendly interface. Whether you want to get craving for traditional Indian mouthwatering dishes, continental specialties, or fast snacks, you are covered with a list of varieties to satisfy demand from different people and their dietary restrictions.

Also, Traveler Food highly values customer satisfaction through secure payment options, real-time tracking orders, and responsive customer service to assure solutions to any question and complaint. Be it for people craving to be out solo, just the family or it behooves to have a group traveling, Traveler Food has got you covered in providing scrumptious and portable meals all through their train vacation, hence building an unforgettable experience.


We hope, that now you have learned how you can order pizza on the train for your next trip. Having hot and cheezy pizza on a train is overall a different experience. Having pizza in an unusual place that also enjoys excellent landscapes through windows gives a different experience. Therefore, next time you are traveling by train, try out this method of ordering pizza or any other delicious food of your choice. 

For your food order in Train, don’t forget to use the Traveler Food app. You can contact or call directly at 7827998877 and WhatsApp Traveler Food at 7704841409 to place your food. Their assistance will help you to get the best food of your choice at your desired berth on time. Traveler Food is always punctual with the delivery process and serves good quality food maintaining hygienic food quality.

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