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Food is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it, and food in train makes it more valuable. We all love to enjoy food on every occasion, such as at festivals, traveling, parties, and many more. Thus, to make food more special, you can order food more quickly and easily without even downloading any apps. So, answering the most popular question, that is, how can anyone order food on the train on WhatsApp? Food is the most essential part of our lives, whether you are traveling by train or staying at home, we all need food. So, if you want to enjoy good food while traveling, you can order it using food delivery apps.

Now, Indian Railways has also started their E-catering services, and you can order your favorite food of your choice. So, now traveling by train will no longer be a problem for anyone, just pick up your phone and WhatsApp at the given number as train food delivery online is with a click.

However, in this blog, we will talk about food in train and how you can use WhatsApp to order food while traveling by train.

Why Use WhatsApp to Order Food in Train?

Yes, you heard it right Using your WhatsApp you can quickly order food with just a click. This has made food delivery platforms easy to use to take and receive food orders. The WhatsApp chatbot solution is one of the best and has made it a seamless food ordering technique on train journeys. The WhatsApp food delivery platforms allow passengers to get food at their seats with real-time updates. WhatsApp food order technology is an advantage for all on their train journey. Using this technique helps in tracking orders, taking feedback, and providing support in many ways. The best way is for passengers to easily select their PNR number to order food at selected restaurants from the selected railway station.

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Is Traveler Food Available on WhatsApp?

Yes, you heard it right, now Traveler Food is on WhatsApp. You can directly message them at 7704841409 to place your order. It is so simple just like messaging your friend. Using this Traveler Food is staying more closely with their customers and helping them to order better-trained food delivery online.

WhatsApp today is one of the most convenient ways of ordering food in train and has revolutionized the train travel industry. This way it helps passengers to message, look at order bills, and use voice messages to communicate. This way it will help Traveler Food customers to trust the brand and help them to stay better. This online food order service is convenient and you don’t need to visit their website or download it to book your meals.

How to Order Food on WhatsApp – Traveler Food

Here we will help you know how you can order your food using our WhatsApp number. Sharing with a quick step to order your food: –

  1. You can just type Hi to our WhatsApp no 7704841409
  2. Then quickly our WhatsApp chatbot will respond to you with options
  3. Then you need to choose the option that suits you best
  4. Then, if you want to order food, select the PNR number
  5. Then, you will be asked to enter your PNR number
  6. So, you enter your 10-digit PNR number
  7. Add your railway station name where your meal is to be delivered
  8. Then select the restaurant you want to get from
  9. Add the food on the Cart
  10. Select the mode of payment – by cash on delivery or by online mode

This way, you can easily order your food with us, and we will be happy to serve you better. These few steps you need to follow, and this will ensure that you can have good food always with us.


Traveler Food is the best train food delivery online, and the best food delivery app for train travellers. So, it’s good news for all the passengers that you can now use your food order. You can call to place your order between 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at that time they will be available to take up your order. Now, ordering food has become just like a cakewalk you can enjoy your favorite meal from the best restaurant of your choice. So, next time you place your order with Traveler Food use WhatsApp to order.

However, you can call us at 7827998877 and WhatsApp at 7704841409 to order the food online of your choice.

Waiting for your next order with us! Happy traveling!

Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has a keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places and trying out different cuisines. Also a big-time foodie.

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