Published by August 28th, 2023

Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether you are a student or a 60-year-old man, everyone loves to travel. Traveling makes everyone happy and also helps to rejuvenate. If you love to travel, then you will know what we mean. And if you are doing train travel, then no words, as you can experience good landscapes, delicious foods, and an extraordinary view from the window and get delicious food using food delivery in train.

However, Indian Railways have improved a lot, and those days are gone when no good-quality food was available. Now that food quality has become standard, you can enjoy excellent-quality food all the time. Indian Railways has introduced e-catering services on trains. You can order from them and enjoy good quality food with just a click.

Thus, keep reading this blog, as we will tell you why you can trust e-catering food delivery partners for safe and delicious meals on Indian trains using online food order on train.

Here we go.

Why is e-catering trusted by travelers?

If you have recently taken a train journey to travel, then you will know that Indian railways have improved their services and quality of food to top notch. Yes, you heard it right! They have started a catering service, and with this help, you can order your food.

But now we will tell you the reasons why you must trust them for food delivery in train.

1.They provide hygienic and quality food and are one of the online food delivery apps that are managed by Indian railways. They have the vision to sell hygienic and good quality food only. The meal preparation is not too spicy or blunt as they use good ingredients in the meal preparation. They have also tied up with quality restaurants.

2.You will get a variety of options from various places – Yes, using this app you can select a variety of food. You can select this, snacks, biryani anything of your choice. This makes it easy for passengers to enjoy hot, healthy, and good food using online food order on train.

3.There are budget-friendly food options available – If on traveling you get to enjoy tasty yet budget-friendly food then it will surely make your day. Thus, keeping this in mind, e-catering has kept its food high-quality yet budget-friendly.

4.You can even customize your meal – You can also customize their meals, and foods as per your need. You will get every option on the app. This makes traveling happy with friends and family. For Jains, the foods are available and help them get good quality food.

5.Good payment options – You can pay digitally using digital payments or also use cash on delivery. It’s your choice. The mode of payment is very quick and hassle-free.

6.Easy way to enjoy food – Quick and easy way to enjoy whole foods at any part of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner high-quality but delicious foods.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download the app and place your order on your next train journey.

How Food Delivery at Railway Station Can Make Your Journey Exciting?

Traveler Food – Another Trusted food delivery app

Just like you trust e-catering, Traveler Food is another popular and the first food delivery app just specialized for train travelers. Here you can just download the Traveler Food app and then you can start delivering delicious foods of your choice. Traveler Food is one of the best quality and hygienic food delivery apps that deliver food to your seat on time. You can trust them for their on-time delivery and quality food.

Traveler Food app you can trust because of these reasons:

  1. Because of good packaging
  2. On-time delivery to your seat
  3. Multiple food options from trusted food partners
  4. Directly food gets delivered to your berth and your seat.
  5. One such online app that delivers the highest amount of Jain Foods on train

So, if you also have gained trust by reading this blog then you must give the Traveler Food app a chance to deliver good food.


E-catering is one of the best inventions of Indian Railways. Here you can get your favorite with just a click. You can use this app to order your favorite food and stay healthy. However, along with the e-catering download, you can download the Traveler Food app from the Play Store or call 7827998877 to place an order.

So, ready for the next order with Traverler Food and e-catering using food delivery in train.

Happy Traveling and have a safe journey!

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