Published by September 19th, 2017

Catch Amazing Fastest Train Food Service from Traveler Food

We hesitate to take train food service at the earliest, isn’t it? We simply look for best quality of food for train journey, but unfortunately, get dissatisfied. Lack of proper foods and meals cause hassle as we can make a long travel by remaining hungry. In the meantime, nowadays, the quality of meals has improved since the inception online food delivery service in trains in India. Travelers are getting options to leave platform food vendors and opt for what they exactly want.


Who I am and why I am saying all this, I am Manoj Tripathy and my job is to make surveys and analysis of the national policies and schemes running in the country. So, I have to travel from one corner to another corner of India on certain intervals. Recently, I visited Chandigarh, the only planned city of India. I started the day with the regular job works, but in afternoon, I got free and thought to have a look of the city. I started with “The Rock Garden of Chandigarh, my next spot was Sukhna Lake, then after I went to Japanese Park, ISKCON Temple, and many more places”.

I had to return by the train to Delhi, so I thought why not to try train food service and checked out the best service on the internet. I got Traveler Food at the top and I didn’t waste my time. I called for food delivery at Chandigarh railway station. I found a surprise when the delivery was available with the food within half an hour.

I was touched with their service and now recommend all my friends to try Traveler Food’s service.

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