Published by May 12th, 2015

Best considered fast food for train journey

Food is the most important thing to accompany you during a train journey. Passengers want variety of meals in the long journey but somehow they are not satisfied with the poor quality food delivery at railway station. Because of the low quality food items offered in the train, passengers prefer to carry home made food for train journey. But getting ready made food somehow satisfies them and they get a different and unique taste in it. This is why several food delivery services have come up with quality taste and foodstuff to offer healthy food in train journey.

People love fast food and other cuisines

So food delivery services offer numerous and variety fast food dishes to their customers. Few of the dishes are considered to be their favorites and the most preferred meal during the journey.

1. Veg/Non-veg Chowmein

Veg and Non-veg Chowmein

Veg and Non-veg Chowmein

Coming from the family of Chinese cuisines and made with noodles, Chowmein is considered as one of the best fast food dishes. Whether it is veg or non-veg or egg chowmein, people love its taste in any flavor added to it.

2. Thali

Food in Train

Food in Train

A variety of thalis are offered by the food delivery services that includes, Royal thali, Maharaja thali, Punjabi thali, veg thali, non-veg thali, etc. Thalis are stuffed with the different food items served in small bowls that consists of Rice, roti, pickle, veg/non-veg item, fries, Onions and lots more. Thali is considered as the cheapest food item where variety of items is stuffed in a single plate.

3. Biryani

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Whether its veg, Chicken Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani, it is considered as a modern food item loved by everyone. Packed in a single plate and mixed up with chicken gravy, chicken pieces, eggs or vegetables, Biryani can be eaten with ease and comfort and you don’t require putting your hands in it.

4. Veg/Egg/Chicken Roll

Veg Egg Chicken Roll

Veg Egg Chicken Roll

Rolls are another preferred fast food item after Chowmein. Rolls come in variety flavors including vegetarian, eggs and chicken rolls. It is stuffed with vegetables or small pieces of chicken inside, mixed up with chopped onions and other spices and then rolled and wrapped in a paper.

5. South Indian Cuisine (Idli/Dosa)

South Indian Cuisine (Idli,Dosa)

South Indian Cuisine (Idli,Dosa)

Idli and Dosa are the mostly eaten and loved South Indian cuisine which is enjoyed in all over India. This is why the food delivery services has started offering these dishes to deliver customers the South Indian culture and flavor even in a train journey.

Thus, these are the best and most preferred fast food dishes that you can enjoy in a train journey.a

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