Published by May 10th, 2016

Bathinda, named so by the Bathi Rajput kings is a city the southern part of Punjab and is supposed to be around three millennia old. The city in ancient period was referred to as Bikramgarh when it was a part of King Kanishka’s Kushana kingdom before being renamed to its current name. Several renowned kings including Mahmud Gazni, Prithviraj Chauhan, the first empress of India Razia Sultana, Mohammad Ghori and the Mughals have ruled over this state.

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Today, Bathinda is a famous tourist spot mainly because of its historical significance and great food.  Must visit places in the city include the Bathinda Fort, also known as Quila Mubarak, is the place where Razia Sultana was defeated and imprisoned. The Bathinda Lake is another scenic spot for a relaxing evening spent with friends and family and to enjoy the various eatery joints adjacent to the place. The place is close to the Bathinda thermal power plant and has boating facilities resembling the famous Shikara boats of Kashmir.


The Bhatinda Juntion railway station serves as the main connecting point to the city with several trains from the station and passing through it every day from iconic destinations like Howrah, Delhi, Amritsar, Assam, Ajmer, Ahmedabad and Haridwar.


The people of Punjab are famous around the world for their zest for life and passion about everything food and Bhatinda is no less. Dishes from Bhatinda, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike have a vast variety and are extremely, mouth-wateringly awesome. Punjabi chole, sarson ki saag, bajre di roti, dal thadka, dal makhni and many tandoori items and varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian briyani are very famous. Dhabas are a way of life in the region and even a simple meal from here is very rich in flavors and taste. Similarly spicy tikkis, bhel, golgappas and sweet varieties are also quite famous from the region.

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