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My love affair with Bangalore started when I first came to the city to complete by MBA program. The beautiful environment and the calm and youthful ambience of the city made me feel immediately at home. But what I love most about the city is that it inspires people to not only dream but also provides them the opportunities to realize those dreams.

Bangalore IT Hub

Bangalore IT Hub

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In addition to being an education and IT hub, Bangalore is also a place that offers great food. With the large number of students and young professionals like me calling this city our home, there is a huge demand for different types of eating joints in Bangalore.

You can refer to the following list to learn about some of the best places to eat in the city.

Cheap Eating Options

Hari Super Sandwitch

Hari Super Sandwitch

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1. Chaatwala:

Known best for its North Indian dishes and chaats, Chaatwala is a casual dining facility located in Koramangla that offers great food at an extremely affordable price.

2. Forking Rolls:

If you crave tasty Chinese food and do not want to spend too much on it, then Forking Rolls is your best choice. The diner currently has three outlets in the city offering yummy Chinese delicacies at affordable prices.

3. Just Shawarma:

When you want a quick yet fulfilling meal, Just Shawarma is the place to be. The eating joint offers delicious food to satisfy your hunger at extremely pocket friendly rates.

4. Hari Super Sandwitch:

We all love the light and hearty meal of sandwich and Hari Super Sandwitch offer a great choice of this dish including ones with chocolate fillings, at throwaway prices.

Fine Dining Options

1. Vembanad:

This rooftop restaurant in The Paul, specializing is serving Indian cuisine, offers great fine dining experience with a costal setting.

2. Hunan:

If you love authentic Chinese food that is not too expensive, then Hunan offers you the best food in a calm and soothing ambience.

3. Fava:

Enjoy the unique tastes of the Mediterranean at Fava that specializes in Lebanese and Moroccan styles.

4. Caperberry:

In addition to a great continental meal, Caperberry offers the additional advantage of a soothing and relaxing ambience.

Reaching Bangalore

Bangalore Jn station connects the city with all parts of the country. Long distance travelers can avail the facility of ordering food in train online. If you are travelling out of the city or passing through it, you can choose to order your food from bangalore CITY JN Station.

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