Published by April 27th, 2016

Balasore, also called the Baleshwar district is a coastal land in Odisha. Once a part of the Bengal presidency, the district was an important industrial area for the British and served as the center for river pilot services for ships trying to traverse the Hooghli River. Balasore is scenic in its beauty and is one of the lesser known tourist attractions near Bhubaneshwar. With an array of historical monuments and ancient worship places (Panchalingeshwar temple, Khirochora Gopinath temple, Chandaneshwar temple etc. famous for their mythologies), Balasore is also primarily an agrarian city with agriculture being the major occupation of population.

Balasore also has an important rocket launching site at Chandipur. Apart from these, there are beautiful sea beaches in Chandipur, Talasari, Chawmukh, and Kashapal. Chandipur sea beach is unique in that the waves in the beach touch shore only four times a day at specified intervals and is the shallowest in the world.



Balasore is an important railway point in the east coast railway services in India, especially falling along the Chennai – Kolkatta express route, Balasore serves millions of passengers per day and is also well connected to the other parts of the country via various express trains.


Being a coastal town, the integral part of the region’s traditional cuisine is constituted by fish. Slightly on the lower side with oil usage and spice, the food is spicy nevertheless. Apart from fish, parboiled/sun-dried rice and a distinctive menu relying heavily on local ingredients form the crux of food in Balasore. Khichdis with rice and lentils, chapathis, dal, mixed vegetable curries and sea food curries like crab khalia, maccha ghantand milk based sweets such as rasmalai, rasgulla, kalakhand, rasbali etc. are very famous.

Food delivery in trains

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