Published by May 13th, 2016

In the western Indian state of Maharashtra, 120 Km away from Pune, lays the city of Ahmednagar with a history dating five centuries to 1490 A.D. The city has been named after Emperor Ahmed Nizam Shah Bahri who founded the city. The Ahmednagar Fort, the tomb of Salabat Khan, the Baugh Rauza (a black stone mausoleum and the tomb of Nizam Shah) etc. are iconic places in the city that have traces of and stand evidence to the city being ruled by Nizam Shahi dynasty, Shahjahan and the Peshwas before the British finally took over. The city also has a tank museum which houses a fulsome collection of battle tanks used during various timelines.


At a short drive from the city lies the village of Shani Shinganapur infamous for its houses that have no doors. It is said that no theft ever has occurred or occurs in the village as the villagers here claim that the village is guarded by Lord Shani and thieves are instantly punished. The Shani temple in this region has pilgrims thronging the site. Shirdi, famous across the country for its Sai Baba temple is located here.


Ahmednagar is connected to the rest of the country via regular trains and buses. Regular trains from major cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Indore Chennai, Delhi and Kolkatta. There are also regular buses plying between Ahmednagar and many important cities like Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Shirdi, Shimla and Nashik.


Simple, traditional Maharashtrian cuisine including chapati, rice & dal, bhaji with various vegetables and bhakri forms the basis of everyday food in Ahmednagar, located as it is in the interiors of the state and sewn with rural values and ethos. Islamic rulers have also left their footprints in the delicious non-vegetarian dishes of the region.

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