Published by August 25th, 2016

“People who love to eat are the best people”

If you fall in the category, you are at the right place. Now all of you travel by train. What is the worst thing about it? Is it the long travelling hours? Is it the not so hygienic toilets? Or is it the cold food which you were forced to bring along with you because you can’t afford to fall sick by eating something stale or bad inside the train or on the railway station?


Just like you, it’s the third reason for me too. I mean I can manage with everything if I am in good mood. And as they say, “Good food is good mood”, having hot, delicious food in train would be next to a dream come true.

So here, let me give you 5 reasons, you have to have delicious food while in train.

Reason 1 – Food is not served in all trains

Okay the basic reason. You have to sit in this train for 20 hours and food is not the part of your journey package. Now you are left with two options :

Option 1 – Get up early in the morning and pack your food (So Tiring 🙁 )

Option 2 – Buy some food on railway stations (Hello germs)

Now there is an option 3 for you. Order your food online and you get hot, tasty and healthy food at your seat. Amazing Right?

Reason 2 – Food served in Trains is so boring

This is the train you board once a month to go home. Every time, you get the same boring food. The same dal, paneer, paratha and rice. No variety at all. What to do? Simple, just order your food online and get variety of options. Imagine you eat according to your mood 🙂

Reason 3 – It is economical

Alright. Good food at even better price that too in a train. How that sounds? Dreamy Right? Order online the Food For Train Journey of your choice which is properly packed. You do not have to do anything at all. The food would come to you without being heavy on your packet.

Reason 4 – Golden chance to try local cuisines

Your train journey covers two states and 4 famous cities. Even though, you have crossed these places many times, you have tried the local food which by the way is very famous. So here is a chance to enjoy local cuisine every time you are travelling in a train. Great Isn’t it?

Reason 5 – You are a foodie

“I am a foodie. I’m not afraid to say it.” Well! No other reason is required now. Simply, “Eat Good, Feel Good”.

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