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Winter means holidays, eating colorful foods, and traveling to holiday destinations during Christmas or New Year. Foods and travel are always the best combinations in the winter season. Do you agree or not? If you are someone who loves the winter season, then traveling with Indian Railways are the best ways to commute from one part of the country to another. The train journey and enjoying train food service is one of the best ways to experience vacation. Winter is the season of chapped lips, cracked feet, hot momos, and sleeping under the blanket for extra-long hours. In a country like India, the North is much colder than the western, and the eastern parts. South is slightly warmer.

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

Have you noticed why do we feel hungrier in winters? As cold weather drops and our body temperature too so it stimulates our appetite. Do you know eating certain winter foods can help you to keep your body warmer? Foods such as garlic, jowar, bajra, til helps to keep our body warmer in winters. Try including them in your diet.  In this blog, we will discuss a few winter food items you can order on the train journey. Our country has multiple cultures of its own also to explore you should taste its food. Online food service in train is convenient and cost-effective for a solo traveler.

1.Northern India: Are you staying in South India, then you must think of spending your Christmas holidays in North India will give you joy. Experiencing the cold winds, wearing sweaters, and playing in the snow will give extra pleasure. In Northern India like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, where the temperature is low compared to other parts of India. Traveling to these places you use food service in train and order variety of food like sarso ka saag, Makki ki roti, gajar ka halwa, or North Indian thali. As these are winter food items will help to keep warmer. To place your orders choose any train food delivery app such as Travelerfood or IRCTC as they are quick in delivering on time. They serve you sanitized and hygienic food at your seat.

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

2.Western India: Are you planning your vacation and thinking of traveling to the western part of India? You should include Maharashtra and its neighboring cities in your list. As winters in Maharashtra are really gentle, clear skies, gentle breeze, cold and dry weather. It is surrounded by mountains and hills and the best place to visit if you want to skip snow. If you are traveling to Maharashtra you can order these winter foods such as the most delicious sabudan khichadi, pav bhaji, vada pav, veg, and different types of veg thali and experience its taste. Online food service in train is possible on all the express trains, and then you should try some train food online options. 

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

3.Southern India: India is a democratic country with Billions of people also one of the beautiful countries in Asia. A lot of foreigners visit South India to explore Indian culture and see various temples. South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Hyderabad are not just known for beaches. They have plenty of colorful temples. In the southern part of India, the coldest months are December and January where the temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees. In case planning to travel by train then utilize online food service in train and enjoy the most famous south Indian delicacies such as traditional winter foods like lemon rice, button idli-sambar, tomato rice, south Indian thali, as per your choice. You can pay online or cash on delivery is available on train food service.

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

4.Eastern India: Few parts of West Bengal are cold in the winters, but towards Kolkata, Durgapur you won’t feel that much cold. Traveling towards Darjeeling, Kalimpong you will surely experience cold weather. Traveling by train from other parts of the country and enjoying local foods gives ultimate satisfaction. Online food service in train is one of the best options to enjoy local delicacies and also train food price is also very affordable these days. Food in West Bengal is divine; you should explore various types of fish curries, veg food, and sweets from the menu. You can utilize food service on train and have Naran gurar sandesh, natun gurar payesh, fish thali, kasta kachuri etc. The quality of train food has improved and will give you satisfaction. You can use Traveling food app for quick and hygienic food at your seat.

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

5.Northeast India: Traveling to Rajasthan or Gujarat and enjoying the spectacular view of desert, camels, and sunsets are so refreshing to experience. Winters are the best time to enjoy with family at such lovely destinations. So nowadays ordering foods is not a problem while traveling by train, as food service in train is super quick and train food online is available at all stations. So now you can order foods such as khakri, methi thepla, dal dhokla, Gujarati farshan, Rajasthani or Jain Thali, of your choice. Nowadays on train food service is quick and available.

Winter foods to order on a train while traveling

After booking, you can easily pre-book your meals as now on train food online service is available easily. Check your PNR status and train number before starting your journey so that you’re sure of your travel date and time. To order you can always call 07827998877 our customer care will be ready to help you out. So keep traveling.

Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has a keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places and trying out different cuisine. Also a big-time foodie.


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