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India is known for its historical temples, rain forests, mountains, deserts, beaches, etc. It is the land of vivid and diversity along with different languages all around the country to speak. India is bestowed with its natural beauty, historical buildings, backwater yards, etc. Our country has endless opportunities to travel to different beautiful places. If planning to explore off-beat places in India, then this article will surely guide you. Indian railways are not like before, you can book your food online after booking your train tickets. Also, food provider in train is available to provide 24/7 support. You can use food rail delivery to get your food delivered to your seat. Don’t worry; pure veg food in train is also available.

offbeat places to travel during covid 19 situation

1. The Dong Valley at Arunachal Pradesh: If you wanted to catch the first rays of sunlight, defiantly you should check out the Dong valley at Arunachal. Here, the sun rises at 3 A.M and experiences the first sunlight other parts of India are sleeping. The Dong valley is situated at the tri-junction of three countries – India, Myanmar, and China. This place is at an altitude of 1240 meters. This place is surrounded by Lohit and Sati rivers and has unspoiled natural beauty. To visit Dong valley, you need to reach Tinsukia railway station in Assam by train and then board a cab and reach your destination, it is approx. 120 Kms. The best time to visit this place is during summers from April to August. Also, you can order your favorite food of choice using food provider in trainTrain journey is the best way to communicate during this Covid situation, as it is affordable and comfortable to travel with families. Now there are no restrictions to do Covid 19 tests, but it’s compulsory to wear a mask all the time for protection.

the dong valley

2.Kausani at Uttarkhand:Kausani is one of the picture square hill stations at Uttarkhand. This place is compared with some of the scenic beauty of the Himalayas. This place is less crowded and good for a family vacation in covid 19 situations. Also, this place is well connected with the towns of Uttarkhand. You can reach this place by train, airline and also by roads. If you are traveling by train, Kathgodam railway station is the nearest one. It is at a distance of 132 km. By air, the nearest airport is Pantnagar which 162 km away. Now there is no covid test is required to enter Uttarkhand. If you are traveling by train, use app for food on train and enjoy the most famous food from the locals. Pure veg food in train, non-veg foods, and variety of foods are available of your choice. Also, they serve you hygienic food and good quality of food at your preferred time.


3.Paradise Beach at Pondicherry: If you are planning for Pondicherry with your family then you must visit paradise beach which is just about 8 km from the central bus stop. The only way you can reach this beach by boat ride from Chunnambar boathouse. This boat is available between Cuddalore and Pondicherry. You can reach in just 10 to 15mins it is 11 kms from Pondicherry railway station. This beach is an isolated beach of Pondicherry and less crowded and one can opt surely in Covid 19 situation as you can enjoy its natural beauty and have a fantastic boat ride. Enjoy the extraordinary soft sands and have a relaxing vacation with your family. To reach Pondicherry, you can travel through air, roads and also by train. The most common way is using train journey, also don’t have to worry about food as the app for food on train are reliable to use. Traveler Foodfood provider in train is the most common app used to order food. They serve quality food. Enjoy the food rail delivery orders and have a comfortable journey with your family.


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4.Wayanad at Kerela: If you are looking for a safe and happy place to enjoy your vacation with your family, then surely you can think of Wayanad. This place is the ultimate destination to enjoy cool temperature along with untouched woods, Mountain View, and coffee plantations. Also known as the spice garden of India. You can experience spices such as cardamom, black pepper, fenugreek, cumin, and star anise. To reach Wayanad, you can use train transport, air or by bus. If you are planning by train, then Kozhikode railway station is the nearest one. It is 85 km away and also known as Calicut railway station. Also, bus routes are well connected with Kochi, Chennai, and Bangalore. Have realized that the train journey is a comfortable and pleasant mode of communication for vacations. As no tension for food can use app for food on train to use train food services. You also get pure veg food on train, Jain foods, Rajasthani thali, and south Indian foods.


5.Neil island at Andaman: One of the offbeat places to visit in Covid situation, if you are thinking to visit beaches. Other than Goa, Neil Island is the most convenient way to visit with families. Relax and laze around the afternoon is the most comfortable way you wanted to be. The blue water and watching the sunrise and sunset is just bliss. This place is just surrounded by white sand and lush greens. Just perfect vacation with family. Enjoy the winters at the beach, and these beaches are spotless and the water too. This place is best for scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. To reach Neil Island you need to first reach Port Blair airport and then through a ferry, you can reach this island in just an hour from Port Blair Island. It is at a distance of 43 km from Port Blair. There is no connection by railways and bus routes to reach Andaman. By airways and by sea you can reach the Andaman Islands.

neil island

2021 is the year of travel and if you are making your plans then think of a train journey. Book your tickets and start traveling to the offbeat places in India. Cash on deliverypay online is available for train food services. Just pack your bags and Traveler Food will take care of your food options.  IRCTC is also available to order your foods; you can use this option too. Just maintain your PNR number and train number, your food will be delivered to your seat. Enjoy each meal and have a safe journey.

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