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Does your mouth start watering thinking of the street foods of your city? A portion of street food has its delicacy and is an essential part of our Indian culture. We all are struggling hard with the current situation of our country. Midst of this situation missed going out and remember the delicious food stalls of the city.

 Varanasi is also known as Banaras or Kashi city situated in Uttar Pradesh, North India. This holy city is famous for its culture and tradition and is known as the tourist spot of India. If you had visited Varanasi before, you would know Varanasi has various food joints. In every nook and corner of the city, you would get the smell of Ghee. Mostly this city is known for vegetarian foods as nonveg foods are less served. All vegetarian foods are prepared in ghee or mustard oil for years together. Varanasi sweets such as Sankat Mochan Ke Laddoo, Parval Mithai, Kheer Mohan, and Launglata are prepared and cooked with Ghee and cow’s milk. Varanasi’s food is an integral part of its culture. You can see many food joints near the Ghats on every street of Varanasi, the cool breeze and its vibes make you feel mesmerized, and evenings are the best place to enjoy.  If you are planning your trip this year’s end to visit Varanasi, book your food in train at Varanasi railway station using Traveler Food app and then comfortably enjoy your train journey.


 Here are some popular street snacks from Varanasi that you must try if you ever visit the city.

Butter Masala Uttapam: Piping hot buttery uttapam is one of the famous delicacies at Varanasi (opposite Gandi Bandar). Here, they use fresh vegetables as toppings instead of potatoes and served with coconut chutney, they don’t serve you with sambar. This preparation is really tempting and a huge amount of Amul butter is used while preparing tiny cute uttapams. If you are interested in having a heavy Varanasi breakfast, you must visit this place they are operating from 7 am till 10.30 am, visit them and enjoy a stomach filling breakfast.

Where to go: Opposite Gandi Bandar, Godaliya Varanasi

Kulard Chai: India is the country of unheard stories. Every street of Varanasi has its own story to say. Laxmi Chai Bhandar is a well-known shop that is 61 years old and here bread Makhan & malai toast are famous apart from Kulard Chai. Varanasi’s every tea stalls serve chai in Kulhad. Here, please do have a Kulard chai and enjoy their malai toast and enjoy your leisure time. They use lots and lots of malai (milk cream) and sprinkle sugar on the bread toast. The toast is specially customized and they roast the bread on gas and make the bread crispy. One plate costs you 60 Rs and is absolutely worth it. If you are planning to visit, you must order your cup of chai food for train in Varanasi railway station.

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Where to eat: Laxmi Chai Bhandar

Kachori and channa: Do you believe in real-life stories, here is one for you – Every morning they set up their shop near Bans Phatak, it is run by 5 brothers and their father, still prepared yummy Kachoris since 22 years. They start their preparation from early morning 4.30 and by 7 they are all set to start up for their customers till 10.30 a.m. Here they serve 4 tiny kachoris with black channa, Tari, and sweet chutney on top. The kachoris are soft from inside and tough from outside and it melts on your mouth. We were shocked when we first ate it, but trust us it’s completely worth it. The kachori is stuffed with dal masala made of lentils and with spicy potato masala. You must try out this drool-worthy combination that is definitely in Varanasi. It is known as Ghugni Kachori. It cost 20 rs.

 Where to eat: Bans Phatak, Chowk Godowlia

Veg Kebab & Parantha: This is one of the few food stalls which become famous in recent times. Here the veg kababs are prepared with soya beans in addition black Masur & garam masala are used. The preparation is authentic and excellent in taste. Here, these Kabab’s are served with parathas along with red and green chutney. You can either take in roll form. It cost just 25 rs per plate perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, one-pot meal. Traveling by train, order food delivery at Varanasi railway station, and enjoy this delicious food with your family.

Where to go: Shri Bhola Shudh Shakahari, at Lanka, near College

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Paan Bhandar: Varanasi pan needs no introduction at all; Keshav pan shop is one of them. Even our Prime Minister also visited this place last year. This shop was opened in 1965 by Mr. Rajendra Chaurasia’s father and has completed 55 years by 2021. They serve varieties of pan such as Malai paan, desi paan, Sachi paan, Jagannath paan, among all these malai paan is famous. The materials which are used are chemical-free and good for health, they take precautions while serving and in preparations. Few special pans are also served such as sweet paan, gulkan pan, jarda paan. Another interesting paan is served for married couples on their marriage night. Enjoy the exotic flavors of Banarasi paan during your stay here.

Where to go: Keshav Pan Bhandar at Rathyatra Sigra Rd, opposite Kuber Complex Varanasi

The food in Varanasi blends easily with its diverse culture and traditions and thus attracts tourists all over the world. The zigzagging lanes of this city are filled with tourist and food stalls. While booking your train tickets, book your meals too using the Traveler food app, they serve you fresh and sanitized hot meals. Call them on, 7827998877, they will help you out.

Happy traveling.

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