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Getting on board a train in India refers to going beyond that limit and discovering a world made of vivid culture and disparate flavors. Along with the many features that make for a great traveling experience, onboard food is one of the many aspects. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has set new standards in the preparation of train food, providing travelers with a unique ambiance of the move while they feast on the culinary delicacies offered in the name of the train. The article reveals the colorful online IRCTC meals and how they make your travel by rail special.

Top reasons why you must indulge with IRCTC Meals

Exploring IRCTC Meals:

IRCTC meals have improved over time and now have become an essential part of the journey. The food hub serves as a cultural melting pot with dishes ranging from local flavors to world cuisines; IRCTC ensures that every taste is satisfied. The best thing about IRCTC is that no matter if you’re a fan of North Indian curries, South Indian dosas, or continental cuisines (i.e. food), there’s something to give you food pleasure.

The outstanding aspect of the food served by the IRCTC is its focus on freshness and quality. Ingredients intended for each dish are carefully selected or grown from locally grown organic products, and every meal is prepared to the highest possible standard to ensure that all our passengers will have a tasty and wholesome dining experience. Furthermore, particular care is given to hygiene and food safety systems so that the passengers can ultimately treat themselves to the meals without any tension.

Regional Delicacies:

The eating part of train travel is one of the most wonderful things for travelers; the regional feast that showcases the culinary diversity of the country. IRCTC’s menu embodies this variegation through a delightful mix of menu items that honor the rich culinary culture of India.

On the other hand, the hottest gravy of the Punjab and the fragrant biryani of Hyderabad are an explanation of the creation process of these dishes and the people who formed the culture around them. Traveling through India itself is going to be a culinary experience full of surprises while you taste the cuisines for every meal, in every state you visit.

Customization Options:

Although every passenger is different we know that each one of them has individual wants and different diet requirements. Looking to fulfill this demand, they provide personalized choices in their menu, from which passengers can select the meal that best suits their preferences and needs.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan, IRCTC has got your back so that you will have what will satisfy your dietary needs. Besides that, all meals are made on passengers’ behalf. They can choose from several available meal plans such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, according to the duration of their travel only.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Among the numerous advantages of the IRCTC meal plans the ease and convenience they provide are very fantastic. It’s not food with all the taste and uniqueness that it would provide that brings the mind with it. In fact, with IRCTC, the passengers can pre-book their meals via of online service or IRCTC mobile app, and the best culinary particularity would be met before the journey. Ready meals are delivered right to your seat and this not only saves time but also passengers in a position to sit back, relax, and have much fun during the travel thereby leaving behind tomorrow’s meal worry.

Value for Money:

IRCTC meals are not only delicious but also value for money. Priced affordably, and packed with delicious and generous portions, nothing could be a more perfect way to sneak a bite without a touch of regret. IRCTC sometimes offers discounts, combos of meals, and special promotions, which allows travelers to have something tasty and at the same time cope with a limited budget. 

IRCTC Food Alternative: 

Traveler Food is India’s biggest food delivery app that is available choice to get you through your train journeys when you feel that urgent desire to fill your belly. A passenger will benefit by having a Traveler Food app where he can view different foods including treats that he can food and delivered to his seat right within the train. Individuals get flick about effortless online submission and agile delivery. Hence, they can consume healthy meals without bouncing around. 


IRCTC meals depict how train cuisine has risen from an ordinary affair and turned out to be a delightful culinary experience. It is committed to serving fresh, quality and mixed menu options thereby making every journey not simply about reaching your destination but doing this with pleasure with tasty bits of Indian delicacies on the way.

If you are journaling by train, then you can also opt for other food delivery options, such as Traveler Food. You can order directly or contact them at 7827998877 or WhatsApp at 7704841409 to order food. 

So, what will your food order be on your next trip?

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