Published by August 21st, 2017

Traveler Food has Amazing Delivery Service for Food on Train at Bhopal Railway Station

I have won countless prizes for capturing wonderful snaps of wildlife, historical monuments, and scenery. I used to travel India and different regions including, south, north, east and west. But, this time I thought to explore central India and this is why I moved for Bhopal, “the city of lakes”. Bhopal has the rich existence of lakes, wildlife (one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in India) and of course numerous lakes including Upper & Lower Lakes, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Taj ul Masajid, Jama Masjid and Birla Mandir. So, what could have been better than this for a photo journalist? Before I entice the details of my experience, I must introduce myself, I am Prodeep Mukherji.


I live in New Delhi and thus started my journey from there. As I used to travel a lot, I remain dependent on the availability of food on train. So, I didn’t take time in leaving home in a while. When I left Delhi, I started feeling hungry and within an hour or more than that, I was about to reach Mathura, the hunger was not under my control. So, I took out my phone and started searching for online food delivery services. Within a minute, I come find “Traveler Food” which was surfacing on the top of the search list.

I got the number and called for order food on train at Mathura and you won’t imagine, the time train moved into the platforms, the delivery boy was available there and was clearly visible in his uniform. The biryani and Chinese dish were amazing and full of taste. I moved happily to the Bhopal.

When I was returning to Delhi, I again booked food on train at Bhopal JN Railway Station and now I keep booking the same service for enjoying my meal in train journey.

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