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Food Of Secunderabad

Food Of Secunderabad

Famous as the twin city of Hyderabad :

Secunderabad is in one of the most prominent cities in the state of Telangana. The city boasts of a rich and ancient history and culture that are quite different from that of Hyderabad. Although after the creation of Telangana, Secunderabad was merged into Hyderabad, it still holds a unique identity and place in the hearts of the original residents. The city is famous for various landmarks the most prominent of which are Ujjaini Mahakali temple, Malikarjuna Swamy Temple, Konaseema Park and Alliance Franchise etc.

Railway Station

 Secunderabad Junction is an important intercity railway station with no less than 229 trains processed at the junction on a daily basis. Given the huge number of travelers that the station handles, it is not surprising that this junction tops the list of prominent railway stations receiving the service of meals on train through renowned e-caterers. It is also one of the few stations across the country that has been shortlisted for being upgraded into a world class junction.

Food Of Secunderabad

The cuisine of Secunderabad offers an amalgamation of the taste, aroma and spices of multiple cultures.  From Hyderabadi cuisine, to Mughlai influence and Deccani flavors, the passengers ordering food for train journey in Secunderabad railway station are sure to feel a heavenly bliss as they treat their taste buds to this exquisite diversity. Even though most dishes have a hot and spicy edge to them, most people relish their unique taste for a long time. Rice and meat are an integral part of almost every meal while the useof aromatic spices add to their flavor.

Culture Of Secunderabad

Secunderabad boasts of a multicultural community with people from Parsi, Anglo-Indian, British, Hindu and Muslim backgrounds co-existing in a peaceful manner. The city was also quite liberal in its outlook as compared to its more famous and developed twin Hyderabad. Famous personalities such as Shyam Benegal, Diana Hayden and M.L. Jaisimha are amongst the original residents of this amazing city.

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