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Are you are wondering why Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India?  Because of the high concentration of IT industries in the city, you can find them at every nook & corner of Bangalore city. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state. As Bangalore is surrounded by many parks, gardens, natural trees so it is also known as a Garden city. Now Bangaloreans get ready for a new look of the railway stations in the frame of Airports. If you haven’t traveled to Bangalore yet, then book your tickets to explore the new look of the city’s railway stations. This railway station is unique, huge, breathable, abundant facilities, spacious and more to explore.

Are you all ready for a brand new railway station in 2021?  Bangalore is all set to bring the city a huge difference in teams of infrastructure. These two railway stations in the city are ready for massive changes -Yeshwanthpur railway station & Baiyappanahalli Railway station. A brand new airport-style roof, mini-amphitheater, BMTC bus bays, wider roads, new entryway from the metro station, increased parking, waiting halls, and many new things to see in these railway stations.

Redeveloping Bengaluru’s busiest Railway station -Baipanahalli & Yeshwanthpur

Makeover of Yeshwanthpur Railway station:

Bangalore is a planned city, starting from its infrastructure to its roads. Every part of this city is well executed and has been ventilated amidst parks and trees around. The Urban city roads to the outskirts of the city have huge broad roads and beside the roads, you can find huge trees, just like protecting the roads from strong sunlight. So when it comes to its aesthetic looks, Bangalore has aimed for airport feels with amphitheaters.

yeshwanthpur railway station

Check out the facts of Yeshwanthpur Railway station:

You can see an amphitheater and huge landscaped areas at the entrance.

This project cost around Rs. 11.5 crores, endorsed by South Western Railways (SWR).

This redevelopment project will bring wider roads and an improved circulating area around the station.

Now no more jams and struggling for parking. Huge parking space, with three brand-new waiting halls, has completely changed the look of this second busiest station.

BMTC bus bays leading right to the entryway, you can head into the platforms with zero delays. A new entry road from the metro station is also under the plans.

Yeshwanthpur Railway station is the second busiest railway station in Bangalore city. Initially, this station had only two platforms, but now it is no more like before. Opposite this railway station, you can see Yeshwanthpur metro station. Bangalore Metro is connected all over the city, so you can travel to any part of the city without any traffic jams.

Makeover of Baiyappanahalli Railway station:

Baiyappanahalli railway station is all set to upgrade to a well functional & modernized railway station with unique passenger information, display systems, security systems, fire safety systems. Indian Railways to ready to transform Bengaluru’s Baiyappanahalli station into a world-class hub in very little time. Do you know Baiyappanahalli railway station’s redevelopment project is planned to be carried out by Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC)?  An Amount of Rs 250 crore is invested for the redevelopment of this railway station. After the redevelopment and completion of the station passengers will be happy with the facilities provided. In 26,00,000 sq ft real estate built-up area this plan will be reconstructed. You can see this station will have natural ventilation, green spaces, abundant light, all over the railway station.


Check out the facts of Yeshwanthpur Railway station:

Baiyappanahalli railway station includes new redefined waiting areas, cafes, restaurants, food courts, retail shops, kiosks. Also, you can find elevators and escalators in the railway station.

 Huge resting rooms and lounges for passengers equipped with various amenities will be included.

The Baiyappanahalli railway station will also provide special amenities and services to old and physically challenged passengers.

You can find better road connectivity with the other parts of the city. Huge parking, and efficient multi-modal interface, will be made within the station area.

Redeveloping and transforming of many such railway stations into swanky airport-like hubs are already done by IRSDC. The other two railway stations are that are being modernized are Habibganj and Gandhinagar stations. The redeveloped Gandhinagar railway station will have a 5-star hotel above the railway station which will be run by the Leela Group of hotels.

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