Published by July 6th, 2018

The first thing that catches your mind when you are ordering Food on Train is why you are doing so. When the train has its own pantry car and serving you food, then why do you even bother go for food from any nearby located restaurant? Well, the answer is simple. There are high chances that you won’t like the col food as served on Indian railways. You want freshly made and piping hot food, which is only available from the restaurants. They are preparing meals after procuring orders from your side and will deliver it to you when you ask for it.


Fresh food all the time:

So, once you have decided to order food from the nearby restaurant, chances are high that you are procuring these items from the nearby restaurant. They are preparing the dishes fresh and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, here you will receive a whole lot of varieties, which are otherwise not applicable while ordering food from train’s pantry. On the other hand, you can order for a bulk amount of product and each package receiving your end will be hot and freshly cooked.

Taste the richness:

These restaurants are authentic Indian food joints and have been preparing food, which is closer to their individual states. For example, if you are traveling to South India, you can taste the richness of coconut oil in their food once ordered. On the other hand, if you are traveling North India and ordered Meals on train, you will get a high taste of butter or ghee in the food you have just ordered. Such foods will have the authentic taste of Indian cuisine broadly.

Go for the light option:

Even though Indian foods are a bit spicy and rich in flavour, it is always mandatory to order food which is light in taste and less oily and spicy. You don’t want to burn your stomach with acidity as you have a long journey to cover ahead of you. Once you have ordered from best restaurants, there are less chances of suffering from acidity surely.

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