Published by June 23rd, 2018

Everyone loves to travel and it is also a truth that once in a life every individual goes to travel. We meet different people while traveling and know about different places, get new experiences, expanding our awareness and learn about different cultures and traditions and taste a variety of food as well. For a better traveling experience, it is essential that traveling must be comfortable and enjoyable. It is a fact that a delicious and tasty food can make your journey best or just worst.


These days a large number of folks prefer to dine outside in hotels and restaurants so that they can have something new and fresh that can help them to be reinvigorated and to have a wonderful change. We know that going to the restaurant and popular food corners are delightful to spend the evening out, but if you are not interested to go out, then there are chances for you and your family to dine food availed from some reputed hotels. The arrival of the internet has made it all possible for cafeterias, hotels to go online with its diverse cuisines and to provide food at home, office or other places. These days you can easily have food delivery on your seat at the railway station to enjoy mouthwatering and delicious cuisines of your choice.

We are always exhausted about the food that is provided when on a train journey. But with the emergence online food order in Train, you can now order food online in trains and have it delivered at your desired railway station. They are able to provide tasty, hygienic food at all the stations. Also, regular quality checks are done to make sure hygienic standards have been upheld. Passengers can also stay assured of their family and friends’ travel-food encounters simply by ordering on their behalf and get it delivered to their seat.

How Does The Food Delivery Service In Train Work?

It involves mainly 3 three simple steps to have your prepared meal at your seat:
1) You need to enter in your train journey details like PNR number.
2) Browse through a huge menu of multiple dishes and cuisines to choose your favorite dishes.
3) Choose a station where you would like to have your food delivered and then place your order. You can pay online or can choose cash on delivery option as well.

Furthermore, you can order food on train from the online site in advance and surprise your family members or friends during the journey. The vendor is given all the needed details in order to provide the food to the right person and make sure that they enjoy their food comprehensively. Also, you are removed from the bother of having to explain all the things by phone, as all details are availed directly from your PNR number.

Online food for train journey is available across more than 500 cities and over 6000 trains in India. So, place your order through a reputed website and indulge in a fine meal while traveling anywhere in the country.

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