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New Delhi, the capital of India is often tagged as the heart of the country because of the great hospitality which the city offers to one an all. For the same reason, people are often seen addressing Delhi as Dilli Dil walon ki. This city is the political seat for India. The city is the hub for all the major political happenings. The city is also the center for education, health, tourism, fashion etc. This city is the 4th largest city in the world and amongst the Indian states, the city of Delhi is the second most populous city of India. One can find here the perfect blend of past as well as contemporary happenings. This city, being the British creation has a number of impressive buildings and places in its vicinity. Being situated near the banks of the famous river, Yamuna, a major portion of the city falls under the category of fertile land.

food delivery in new delhi railway station

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However, an extreme sort of climate is witnessed here. The winters are extremely cold, where as the summers are extremely hot. The Autumn and Spring season is considered as the ideal seasons to pay a visit to this important city of the country.

New Delhi Railway station

The New Delhi Railway station is said to be the second busiest of all the railway stations situated in the country. The station handles more than 300 trains each day and counting the number of passengers who make use of this station on a daily basis is beyond the ability of anyone. With 16 platforms, the station is famous for the largest route interlock system in the entire world. Many of the East and South bound trains initiate their journey from this station. Traveler Food provides the facility for food delivery in New Delhi railway station. You simply need to order what you want.

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New Delhi cuisine

The people here are a big time food lovers. Thus, one can find here each and every type of food here, from street food to hard core vegetarian and non vegetarian food items. While ordering food for train you will get a lot of food options here.

New Delhi culture

With people migrating from all parts of the country to Delhi, the city is a true example of cultural diversity. The city is woven with cultural threads and colours of all the regions of the country. The city has a number of heritage centers such as Museums, Qilas, Minars and other monuments. Each and every festival is celebrated here with great zeal.

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