Published by April 19th, 2016

Upon hearing summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the scorching heat of the sun and the intensely high humidity level that does not allow you to sit relaxed in a balanced position. The nights are even worse, for the best sleepperiods throughout the night comprises of reluctant wake-ups that reflect dizziness in the daytime as the end result. Human beings have succeeded in finding compelling personal solution to get rid of these annoying hot days of summer that brings in a period of dryness and parchedness. Let us steal a glance of some of the astonishing ways that incredibly wave a goodbye to this sweaty season of hotness.

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  • The first and the foremost thing that people usually plan in summer to get rid of the tormenting heat is the escaping getaway to a cool hill station or amazing beaches that speaks of fun and provides countless savouring opportunities to cool down.
  • People are often observed to keep themselves cool with chilling cold refreshing fruit juices or revitalizing cold beverages. Consuming such drinks will undoubtedly quench your thirst along with cooling your throat and the internal digestive system for good.
  • A chilly wave of contentment is reported to perceive when we take a mild shower or a tepid bath whose water temperature is cool enough to relax our bodily systems in the most soothing way possible.



  • Your attire during summer is a significant matter to look into. Always prefer clothes that are light in colours and made of pure cotton, for cotton is a fibre best known to absorb perspiration and the resultant evaporation is the reason that gives you a cooler feeling than before.
  • It is medically recommended to take light meals during summer, which must be repeated after a stipulated time. The food that is rich in protein is strictly not commended for. As the protein-rich meals increase the metabolic rate, your body generates more heat and the end result is devastatingly blistering.
  • To stay cool during the summer specifically when indoors, it is suitable to draw down the curtains of your houses for entire day to keep the heat from entering the house.It provides a greenhouse effect that lets the interior stay cool and calm during hot summer days.
  • If your home is not equipped with an air conditioner, summer is going to cost you really expensive. A cool comforting sleep is the first thing you need during the intolerable summer days. Getting installed an air conditioner at your home will deliver a peaceful and tranquil sleep without putting a second thought on the temperature.
  • No need to worry if you are not using air conditioner at home. There are even creative ways which people have adapted to during summer like sleeping as an Egyptian by watering a long piece of cloth and using it as a blanket to get air conditioning effect on the body in a natural way.



  • Some people set their beds on grounds so as to feel less hot during the unbearable summer nights. The reason behind doing so is that floor remains cool irrespectively of the season. So, it is advantageous to set your bed on the floor and sleep with fewer clothes on your body.
  • Strolling out after the dinner is one signification solution to the problem of the sweaty summer evenings. As the day sets off, temperature falls but there aresubstantial rises in the humidity level which won’t let you cool down unless you have turned on the fan over your head.
  • Keep rooms dark even in the early even hours if possible. Turning lights on surely increases the heat level in the room. So it is better to use natural sunlight till it is possible as switching on the lights will heat the room gradually by persistently.
  • A minute detail can save your day. Keeping on the plug sockets engaged without the appliance connected to it could also add to the hotness of the room. Every electronic component is prone to heat dissipation which ultimately adds to the heat level in the room making it unbearably searing.

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