Published by August 18th, 2017

Get Your Online Food Order in Train Delivered in Bareilly

I love Uttar Pradesh as it offers me a lot of scenery to capture in my SLR camera..Ohhh..who am I?

Let me introduce myself, I am Jeetesh Sharma, an environmental and tourism journalist working for a reputed news channel in New Delhi. My organization regularly send me to U.P. to explore its uniqueness and culture and tradition. Last month, I voyaged to Bareilly located on Ramganga and in the region of Rohilkhand, U.P.


This is not my first time when I visited the city, rather it has been one of my favorite places as I have numerous things to explore here. 10 best places as per my traveling experience in Bareilly are Phoenix United, Trivati Nath Temple, Dargah Aala Hazrat, Alakhnath Temple, Jat Regimental Centre, Children’s Park, Jagannath Temple, Chunne Miyan’s Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Baba Barkhandi Nath Temple.

Since my job is of traveling and visiting one place to another, I have to be ready for train allocated food. But, it used to upset my stomach and therefore I started looking for an alternative. I found my best food companion in Traveler Food’s Online Food Order in Train. The service is amicable and I used to take the service wherever I travel by train across India.

I love their service as I used to get timely food delivery service in train and this what makes me their fan. Surplus, their food is amazingly tasty and hygienic. My health has consistently been normal even after traveling for long journeys.

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