Published by March 22nd, 2019

Ambala is a small town situated at the border of Punjab, and there is nothing in the world that Punjabis love more than, come on, take a guess. Yes, that’s right, FOOD! From hardcore Punjabi food, like chole bhature and aloo paranthas to the best Mughlai food. You can find anything and everything in Ambala. Ambala is also a very historically rich city which is filled with parks and monuments, and if you are a holistic person, then don’t worry. There are multiple temples and gurudwaras too that you can visit. There is also a Karnal lake which is a sight to see.




Now, I know I have made Ambala sound a little too perfect, so let me do one more thing to add a little more charm to it. Let us say that you were to go to Ambala tomorrow, okay? Then there must be a lot of packing that needs to be done, clothes, footwear, your beauty products. But here is one thing that you do not need to worry about anymore and that is food for your train journey because we at Traveler Food have decided to make your life easier. Are you wondering how? Well, we have decided to deliver you fresh, warm and healthy food at your railway station with our new initiative. With our new app and website, food delivery at Ambala railway station is no longer a dream. All you need to do now is download our app and place your order two hours before reaching the station and we will deliver you your meals on train with our sincere delivery boys.

Food delivery in Train at Ambala railway station has been made easy with our vision and love for food. So, go visit our website and make the best of this opportunity. You just need to mention your train number, seat number and your name to get your food delivered on your seat during your travels. There are a huge number of options to choose from. From veg thalis to non-veg, to Jain food combos. So, what are you waiting for?

And, remember, when in Ambala, Traveler Food hi mangwana.

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