Published by November 14th, 2018


When I visited Delhi for some official purposes, I planned my trip in such a manner so that I can get some extra time in hand to roam around capital of India. I am from a different Indian state and visiting Delhi for its amazing environment was always in my bucket list. Not only that, but I made it a point to visit Agra from Delhi and stay there for few days as I have been craving to see the famous Taj Mahal. I even did my research and watched many videos on YouTube with titled Delhi to Agra, and this video helped me out a lot. Right now, I am here to share some of my thoughts on the trip, which might help those planning for a second trip.

So many trains and amazing experience to it:

There are mainly two trains that you can easily catch. The first one which I took was the Taj Express, which took me around 3 hours to reach Agra from Delhi. If you think to go for another one than you have the Satabdi Express, which will take around 2 hours. I first thought of getting the Satabdi one, but got all tickets booked. So I would advise you to hurry up and pre-book for the tickets   before you miss it out completely. I took the Taj Express, which leaves at 7 am and will again come back to Delhi at 7pm. I tried the first class and the experience was amazing.

Wonderful train experience:

I had an amazing experience with the Taj Express and I travelled by first class. If you want, you can go for the other classes too. Even the food was not that bad as I might have expected Indian railways to be. However, one of my friends tried their food but I preferred going for the app order. I had already downloaded the food in train android app on my phone, which helped me to book online food on train when we are on our journey from Delhi to Agra.

Easy ways to use the app:

There are some simple steps for you to use the app when you plan to head for online food order in train. There are so many simple ways and you can easily end up with piping hot fresh food once the train reaches your located station. I used the app to order some famous Indian cuisines from nearby restaurant and it worked magnificently. I might recommend this ‘Traveler Food app’ to others as well.

Perfect scenic beauty:

If that wasn’t enough, the train journey from Delhi to Agra is what you will remember for long.  The perfect scenic beauty along with the best first class experience made me crave for a second round shortly, which I will do. Agra has so many places to see just like in Delhi. So, if you are in the capital of India, then you might probably want to take a quick trip to Agra.

Here, we’re sharing the experience of our one users, name Rajeev who used our app to order food in train at H Nizamuddin station.

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