Published by August 11th, 2017

Book Your Food with Traveler Food Whenever Visit Bangalore

As a bachelor, I have been missing train journeys as it costs me a lot of problems. I can’t enjoy tasty meals that I enjoy in flight. I had to travel to Bangalore in June and unfortunately, I had no option other than traveling by train as flight tickets were unaffordable. So, I chanted “Ganesha” and rushed to the agent for having rail ticket. As he was a reliable one, he availed me at the same time. Now, one question was tickling the inner part of my brain, how to best train food service for Bangalore city Jn. The journey is long and how I can travel with an empty stomach.

I called one of my colleagues who had recently traveled to the city and asked for the help. He suggested me to book food in train through online service of Traveler Food. I asked, “what’s that, how I will book my order”. My friend calmed me and told, you just have to go to the site and you will find each and every piece of information there”.


I checked in and visited and contacted the service team. The response was amazing as they picked my call in one instance and took my order without wasting any time. They know there could be network error and could cause hassle to the traveler. So it would be good to pick order at the earliest. Let me remind you, the food was awesome and fabulous.

I reached Bangalore comfortably and I was pleased with my train experience. But, what more to add on in this journey is about Bangalore’s epic culture and standing as a high tech city. I love to visit this city as it gives me amazing nightlife and perfectly managed green parks. I am also an adventurist and loves to explore the place, but whenever I come to the Electronic City of India, I keep visiting Bannerghatta National Park, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, LAL Bagh, Cubbon Park and other tourist places. I love greenery and historical places.

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