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Delightful Journey: 7 Best Traditional Indian Foods to Love on a Train

Boarding a train in India is not solely about the destination, it’s also about the food you will enjoy on the train journey. Indian Rail is one of the world’s largest railway networks which caters to passengers in ways by serving various traditional cuisines. In this article, we will discuss seven of the best traditional Indian foods that you can order enjoy on your train ride and make it a gastronomic experience.

Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Biryani

The aroma of biryani, representing gastronomic excellence and indulgence takes over the train travels across India. This fragrant rice dish, infused with spices herbs, and tender meat or vegetables transforms an ordinary journey into a culinary experience. Biryani has an enticing aroma that fills every train compartment, teasing taste buds and kicking off the delicious journey. Be it enjoyed in its vegetarian or non-vegetarian version, biryani is emblematic of India’s variegated gastronomic tradition. Combining basmati rice, fragrant spices, and juicy meats or vegetables turns the train trip into a succulent journey that leaves travelers wanting more.

2. Paneer Tikka

The highly sought-after appetizer Paneer Tikka plays a majestic role in the aroma and texture of the Indian train journey. This vegetarian delicacy comprises grilled marinated cube-shaped cuts of paneer with an amalgamation of smoky and spicy notes. The sound of the tikka being cooked in a small space inside the train’s kitchen can be considered as an overture to that delightful taste ahead. Served hot and topped with mint chutney, Paneer Tikka is a dish that gives the pleasure of burning edges and moistness. The passenger’s choice of this curry underlines the fact that it is a rich and delicious item for those who want to enjoy India’s special dish sideways.

3. Masala Dosa

Train trips in all regions of India travelers are treated to a crispy and delicious delicacy called Masala Dosa. This must-have dish provides the world with a crispy rice crepe and an inside filling that includes spiced potato, serving various textures. Combined with the coconut chutney and tangy sambar, Masala Dosa offers its passengers an aromatic lure on a platter. As the train wheels produce a rhythmic clatter, so does the crunch of dosa for travelers. One of the most popular breakfast dishes Masala Dosa brings to the railway tracks South Indian cuisine in its savory signature cry.

4. Aloo Paratha with Curd

Aloo Paratha with Curd, a North Indian staple, turns every train ride into an outrageously hedonistic experience. This exquisite food has a flatbread full of mashed potatoes, spiced and then fried in a pan to golden brown. Served with fresh curd, it is a perfect blend of textures and tastes to create warmth for any palate. The smell of buttery paratha and the cooling effect when taken with curd results in a perfect harmony, which is ideal for filling the stomach on board. Apart from ensuring that hunger is overcome, Aloo Paratha with Curd ensures the heartiness of home-cooked north Indian food for railway travel.

5. Chole Bhature

To the joy of food admirers, Chole Bhature comes to bless train voyages with its buttery taste. This legendary pair is spicy chickpea curry (chole) and deep-fried bread(bhature), creating a harmony of textures, which delight the taste buds. The rich curry, which may be extra spiced with finely sliced onions and green chili; is served along the fluffy channa-bhature where it rounds up a filling meal. In a rhythmic train ride, the scintillating temptation of Chole Bhature fills all compartments revealing North Indian street food with bold and hearty flavors. This delightful pair turns journeys into dining adventures.

6. Pakoras

One of the most characteristic snacks that make people’s travels on Indian trains even more delicious are pakoras – fried doughnuts. They include pakoras, which are made by coating vegetables like potatoes, onions, or even spinach in a seasoned gram flour batter that has been deep-fried to provide passengers with a crispy and delicious snack. The clanking of the train wheels rhymes with the sounds that resemble sizzling coming from onboard kitchens as these piping hot treats are being cooked.

7. Poha

One of the popular breakfast dishes that train riders can enjoy in Western India is the poha, a light and perfect dish characterizing comfort with flavor. When cooked along with a spice blend, mustard seeds, and curry leaves, Poha passes through an unexpected transformation as the neglected discs transform into something delicious. Boasting coriander sprinkled on top and grated coconut in between, the dish is a delightful combination of textures that provide an appealing blend of simplicity yet satisfaction. 


Your train ride through the large and diverse cultural territory of India introduces you to the multitude of traditional foods, which enhances your experience. Each dish, from the tantalizing biryani to the flavorful dosa is a part of India on your palate. Therefore, the next time you find yourself on a train in India make sure to engage in these seven best traditional Indian foods and transform your ordinary ride into an eventful gastronomic adventure worthy of every penny spent. You can contact Traveller Food – one of the most popular online food delivery partners at 7827998877 or WhatsApp us at 7704841409 to order the food online of your choice. 

We, love to serve you good and tasty food. 

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