Published by September 24th, 2023

The food industry has experienced changes in consumer behavior patterns over the past few years. And people are more inclined towards ordering food than relying on offline options due to certain limitations. Furthermore, eating on railway platforms often involves getting off a moving train, which can be risky and inconvenient for women and children. On the other hand, hygiene standards also tend to suffer in situations. At Traveler Food, we have analyzed the reasons behind the increasing preference of consumers for food delivery while traveling on trains and preferring meals on train.

So, in this blog, we will discuss why you should prefer online food delivery.

Tips to Ensure Hassle-Free Train Journey with On-Time Food Delivery

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Online Food Delivery in Train

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider opting for online food delivery in train.

  1. Convenience and Payment Options

The introduction of technology has revolutionized the way we order food. In the past, it was usually men who would buy items for the family from the market. However, things have changed now. Women and children who play a role in decision-making at home create shopping lists. So ordering food via mobile while traveling by train provides convenience and money savings without leaving seats. Now customers can enjoy a plethora of food options, along with payment systems accessible via their mobile devices. Even if you don’t have cash on hand, you can conveniently pay your bills using your credit card, UPI, or even cash on delivery for your food orders.

  1. Restaurants on Wheels and a wide range of food options

Nowadays, you on trains can try different types of food, including your favorites and traditional cuisines from the regions you are passing through. You can now easily order any dish you desire, be it South cuisine, vegetarian or nonvegetarian thalis, Jain thalis, Biryani, Chinese food Gujarati thali, Punjabi thali, Marathi thali, Pizza, kids meals, cakes, or even hot and pure cow milk for babies. Thanks to food service providers like Traveler Food, travelers can enjoy prepared meals by top chefs right at their seats. This eliminates the uncertainty about the quality and ingredients used in railway platform snacks that were previously reheated and possibly stale.

  1. Refund option and convenient booking options

Online food service providers offer refund options and a convenient booking system allowing travelers to enjoy their train journey, without the hassle of ordering food onboard. Unlike food delivery services on trains, these providers prioritize customer satisfaction by providing refund options in case the ordered food doesn’t meet expectations. With platforms, if a passenger finds that the delivered food doesn’t match what was promised, they can easily complain online to the service provider and expect a quick refund directly back to their bank account. This level of convenience was not available to travelers at times. Meals on train are the best way as you have an easy refund policy and healthy booking options.

  1. Cost-effective foods

Another advantage of these service providers is that they guarantee hygienically cooked meals and food in train at cost-effective prices. Apart from a few train locations where delivery charges may apply customers can enjoy certified restaurant quality food without any additional costs. It helps avoid health-related issues and reduces medical expenses. In contrast, in the past travelers had to rely on vendors serving quality meals on moving trains and had no way of holding them accountable for their subpar offerings. Now customers have the option to order from restaurants accredited by FSSAI they can feel satisfied, after their meal. FSSAI accreditation is only given to those restaurants that pass food quality check audits conducted by government departments from time to time.

  1. Large group food order

To feed a family or relatives why bother cooking and carrying food from home when you can conveniently order meals online using available discount coupons? Even babies can have cows’ milk delivered on trains through food providers. Nowadays, large group food order is one of the most convenient way that help passengers. It is one of the best reasons that makes online food delivery best for train journeys.


By knowing the reasons for food delivery in train, and ordering food online, you can now enjoy good food by every means. Your food service provider directly helps you to deliver good food on time. Like many, Traveler Food is one of the popular food delivery providers on trains. They are highly convenient and safe food delivery app providers all over India. Traveler Food with online options helps to fulfill the customer’s demands while traveling. You can contact them at 7827998877 and WhatsApp at 7704841409 to order the food online of your choice.

Written By: Priyanka Mondal

She is a content writer by profession and has a keen interest in writing on various topics. Her ultimate passion is writing and doing food blogging.  She is a person who loves traveling to beautiful places trying out different cuisine. Also a big-time foodie.

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