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Have you tried big fat Indian thali in your city? If you haven’t, then read this blog till the end to know the lovely thali of our country. India is known for its culture and its colorful food. Know some of the devouring veg and non-veg thalis that are heavy on your stomach and light on your pocket. Today we will be discussing five unique big thali of our country. Do visit the cities by Indian railways and also experience there food options and quality food in train.

5 huge thalis around India which you cant eat alone

1.Bahubali thali at Pune: If you are from Pune, you must have heard of bahubali thali. This thali consists of 11 types of the main course, dals, chapatis, desserts, pickle, papad, lassi, rice, in huge quantity. You need four to five hungry people to finish this thali. This thali is available at a restaurant called “ Aaoji Khaaoji” in the heart of Pune city. The cost of a veg food thali is 2000 Rs. If you are ready to get the experience, then visit Pune city. The nearest railway station is Pune Junction, where you get 24 hrs cabs and autos serve outside the station. On your train, the IRCTC food delivery in train is delivering good food; hungry then try out some Maharastarian foods. Online food delivery in train has really evolved and has taken a new shape for Indian Railways.

Bahubali thali

2. Dara Singh thali at Mumbai: Do you know at which restaurant you can get big non-veg thali? At Mini Punjab in Mumbai, you can relish Dara Singh huge thali with your family or friends. Yes, they require two people to carry this thali. If you haven’t tried a variety of food, you must go and try out at this restaurant. The cost of this thali is 1100 rs. In case you are away from Mumbai, make sure to visit Mumbai and try out this lovely thali. The nearest railway station is CST, and don’t forget to use fresh food delivery on train as services in train is really good also you will get good food to eat.

dara singh thali

3. Khali Bali Thali at Delhi: Order the country’s biggest thali at Ardor 2.1 at C.P that is 56 inches in size. They serve here both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali. The cost of the vegetarian thali is Rs 1999 and Rs 2999 is a non-vegetarian one. To complete this thali, they allow only four people for an extra person, they ask for 500rs extra. The vegetarian thali has almost 40 delicacies like paneer tikka, naan, salad, veg kebabs, desserts, dals, etc. In non-vegetarian thali, they include chicken, fish, mutton, kababs, relish this sumptuous guilt-free thali. If you are traveling towards North or Delhi by train, you get down at Delhi railway station to reach this restaurant. Food on train online also is really affordable you must use it to get food delivered.

Khali bhali thali

4. Choki Dhani thali at Rajasthan: We all know, Rajasthan Is famous for its royal culture and food. To explore the same feelings you must try out Choki Dhani thali at Choupal, a five-star restaurant they serve you unlimited traditional dishes at your plate. They serve you starting from churma to ghevar all types of Rajasthani flavors at your plate. For adults, it’s Rs 700 and for children, it’s Rs 400 at this place. If you are a foodie then I’m sure, you will surely love to visit this place. You can get down at Jaipur railway station and take a cab to reach this restaurant. Best food delivery in trainis also useful to relish more on Jain food, veg food, Rajasthani foods by train, if possible enjoy good food on the train as well.

Chokhi-Dhani thali

5. Carnatic Thali at Bangalore: The quintessential south Indian thali is generally served on a banana leaf as their tradition. Will you be surprised if you get to eat all south Indian thali in just one? I’m correct definitely you wanted to know more in detail about this place. Visit this beautiful restaurant in Bangalore called Carnatic where you will get to eat food from Telangana to Chennai in just a plate. The cost of this thali is Rs 1000 where you will get 20 types of different dishes starting from Karnataka’s favorite raggi mudda to the spicy chicken curry of Hyderabad. Also, they serve 5 different types of desserts and rasam. Definitely you need at least 4 people to finish this thali. What waiting for, visit Bangalore on your free time and explore the city. To visit the restaurant, the nearest railway station is at Bangalore central. While visiting Bangalore, don’t forget to order cheap food delivery in train and explore a variety of food.

south indian thali

After knowing our Indian culture and its variety of food, next which city you are planning to visit. If you can’t visit these places, try our new restaurants in a nearby city. Our country is known for its culture, food, and language, so try out different cuisine to know your motherland closely. If you choose to visit any of these cities, prefer train journey as it’s more comfortable and can explore the natural beauty. After your train booking is done, use PNR status to get your booking details so that you can check about food delivery on train which is very useful for long-distance travel. Don’t forget to use food delivery app to order food on train. The most trusted app is Traveler food by the customers for its foodservice and fresh food. Just you need to enter your train number and PNR number to ordered food on train. They have both the options to book the meals such as pay online or do cash on delivery to get hygienic food at your seat. Call their customer care07827998877; executives will help you out.

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